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The best player in the NBA play point guard and he let the knight became terrible sports + reporter Kong Dexin reported 1 minutes and 18 seconds left in the game, DeRozan missed a ball after the adjustment of the breath, firmly in the second penalty, the Raptors have more than 115 to 114 will score a. The next round, James at the top of the ball, everyone in the stadium opened the four corners, Channing Frye suddenly ran to · and James roll. While Lori and Waland Nath are focused on James’s body, and the core Knight will pass to the fry, not back Lori accidentally slipped, fry at the top of the arc raised hand is a record three points hit. This is the game of the thirteenth Knights hit three pointers, which means that the first 10 games in Cleveland at the beginning of the new season in every game hitting at least 10 record three points, a new record of NBA. "Now they and other teams in the league the same night hitting many three points," Raptors coach Casey said, "if you have a team into 22 or 25 three pointers, it is difficult for you to win the victory." Of course, coach Casey is exaggerating, but when the time he hit his fifth of the game three ball game, only 59 seconds left in the field the situation about turned over, the knight is also taking advantage of home court win in one fell swoop. After this victory, the knight has completed the Raptors in double play this season away from home. Open the report, you will find Lebron · James’s data is 28 points and 14 assists and 9 rebounds, and a quasi three double, but more impressiveness is that over half of team assists. In section fourth, Frye to claim 13 points, in addition to 2 free throws, the remaining 11 are from James’s 1 layup, 3 assists, three points. In other words, to kill the game is to complete the command or fry, but James. James scored 5 points in the last quarter, but he sent out a single assists in the first quarter, and once again decided to play in a commander’s way. "When Lebron is on the court, the knight received the equivalent of an extra guard," Raptors coach Casey said that the German · he can always find people unable to find the gap. This is a challenge for us, but we have not seen such a James." Last season as the East never rival, knights and raptors have zhigenzhide is an old acquaintance, so they certainly know how to play the role of James in the cavaliers. But from the first ten games of the new season, it seems that they can’t really see the cavaliers. After the 10 game, James field are the number of shots is a career low of 17.4 times, less than the rookie season and just joined the heat that year is also low, the average score is also in addition to rookie season’s low of 23.4 points. But at the same time, his assists number is a career high 9.6 times, the league’s top third, higher than Paul and wal. In the left, small Mo surgery, J.R. Smith missed today, James guard general performance for P相关的主题文章: