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family education | parent-child picture book tasting manual before a juvenile martial arts, others surprised: This is from the womb of practice? This said, people will laugh: nonsense, how to practice in the womb?! A joke is a joke, but the research shows that the fetus in hemp during pregnancy, it is in the mother belly can not only sleep sleep treasure, she also has its own activities, there is a lot of content really unexpected. Time, don’t sleep when the fetus is active fetal sleep in the belly of the hemp is really long, accounting for about 90%. General small guy can sleep 20 minutes to 70 minutes, awake for 5 minutes to 20 minutes, into the next sleep time. When you wake up, you can do a lot of things. Sleepy yawn, leisure, eating, playing foot sucking fingers in amniotic fluid umbilical cord, will swim. All resources will be fully utilized. The little guy was like gnawing fingers, feet, adults look interesting, little guy is just repeating the action only in the womb. Two, the fetus grew up drinking urine do not think have umbilical cord connection, hemp nutrition can be passed to the fetus, the fetus is to drink something, drink is amniotic fluid. I have delivered to the baby’s nutritional amniotic fluid, also a part of the baby’s urine. They began to pee from 14 weeks of age, only to drink urine in amniotic fluid, in…… Do not worry, the fetus’s urine has been embryos have been sterile treatment, not dirty. The physiological needs, three male fetus is to start from the womb fetal sleep activities, which also includes a touch. Male fetus to 4 months old, due to peripheral nerve concentration, genital touch will make the fetus excited, there will be erection. Four, encountered harmful substances will let mom "vomit" morning sickness is one thing very uncomfortable for some pregnant mother, often people do not envy is in a complete mess up, "morning sickness". In fact, let Ma "morning sickness" little guy will better protect themselves. "Morning sickness" in most cases occurred in early pregnancy, this is also the formation period of fetal viscera. Small babies are very sensitive to the harmful substances, "remind" Ma a bed to "waste" spit out, to provide a more secure environment. Five, the fetus will temper the mother knows best, as well as deep fetal zhimu. Normal life can lead to physical changes, such as increased blood pressure, increased adrenaline, etc.. Pregnant mom will cause placental vascular contraction. The fetus will be disturbed, fear, "move" the frequency will increase. I feel at this time is too fast and too much movement. This is the fetus in a bad temper. To cultivate children’s good character, really, from the "womb", don’t angry, I must be happy to. Six, the fetus will become a "night owl" pregnant 28-33 weeks pregnant mom for a period of time will not sleep well, because the little guy can draw相关的主题文章: