The assassination game poster doomsday will be threatened by growing crises.-月丘うさぎ

"The assassination game" poster end exposure Sina entertainment news recently threatened by growing crises, 3D blockbuster sci-fi movie "the assassination game" exposure "doomsday is approaching" version of the poster, the mysterious atmosphere make people nervous breath, more ahead of the audience into the science fiction film is full of the unknown world. In the poster, a giant ball hanging in the air, science fiction and strong colors, the dark shadow of the city heralded a reign of terror to come. "The assassination game" end game "Assassination" version of the poster exposure end version of the poster in science fiction science fiction disaster blockbuster visual effects "assassination game" recently released "the end" version of the poster, full of unknown people feel a great sense of science fiction films and disaster hidden crisis. At first glance, the picture of the building ruins of stagger arrangement, strong fog engulfed almost the entire city, a huge sphere over more is particularly striking. At the same time, the dark tone of the poster is also a sense of danger. Above the unknown sphere, the sense, at any time the risk of falling. No sense of vitality of the city, where to go? So let the audience threatened by growing crises of insecurity can’t help hold their breath, look forward to the release of the film. It is reported that the film assassination game tells the story of 11 challengers from different industries, in order to prove themselves, to participate in a live live reality show. Contestants are suspicious of each other, infighting, intentions by all means other competitors will put to death, the survivors will eventually get huge bonuses to enjoy the endless life. From the deadly game full energy visual shock attack attack both in plot design, visual effects team or action scenes, "the assassination game" is the annual blockbuster. The whole movie high-energy, constantly thrilling, visual effects team to create a variety of deadly fantasy class by surprise: the game was thrown to the challenger in the flames, and in the second wave, or may have killed a battle, fighting action scene is the hormone rise straight too busy to attend to all audience, this is a feast for the eyes. According to the producers said, all kinds of human disaster scene in detail to show in "the assassination game", the combination of the whole picture to let the story of explosion point intensive, strong realistic vision of various interludes, called the absolute annual "urine" visual effects of odd pieces. The film director SarikAndreasyan said, "the assassination game" selection of reality show set, is to make the audience more sense of substitution, with wonderful effects, can guarantee the audience to feel the game personally on the scene of breathtaking experience, immersive viewing mode choke. "To participate in the fight at outrance game fight in all hurdles to challenge a close call, I guarantee the audience to see the whole film fully and delightfully!" It is reported that the 3D film stills, "the assassination game" by the Beijing Feng Wo Hui culture media Co., Ltd. and Beijing polymerization film culture media Co. Ltd., Beijing micro power film culture media Co. Ltd., investment introduction, landing national cinema, with the audience the cruel game of survival. (commissioning editor: litchi)相关的主题文章: