The accuracy rate of 4 deaf children in Guangzhou design of the robot 100% zero points-magicq

The accuracy rate of 4 deaf children in Guangzhou to design robot with 100% scoreless innings information times (reporter Jiang Jun Wu Jingping correspondent) yesterday, the fifth Guangdong creative robot contest held in Guangdong Science Center, from 150 schools in the province more than 1000 students and teachers live competition of industrial robot production. Among them, the most impressive is that judges from the Guangzhou school for the deaf in four deaf children of the design of industrial robot, the detection rate reached 100%, zero points. It is understood that this year’s competition theme is "industrial robot", is divided into primary school group, junior high school group, high school group, the children to make a complete set of "industrial robot system", including the "conveyor belt", different color cube representative products, black qualified products, other colors of substandard products the robot must be in a variety of colors, cube through the conveyor belt for a few seconds, distinguish the unqualified products (non black cube), sorting out into the collection box. To the organizing committee responsible person, the Software College of South China University of Technology associate professor Zhu Jinhui the most impressive is not the focus of the school, four deaf children from Guangzhou City, but the school for the deaf. The reporter saw the scene, their performance was perfect, in the process of testing the referee supervision, a total of 147 cubes through the conveyor belt, 51 of which qualified (black boxes) are correctly identified into the product box, 97 unqualified products (other color cube) have all been sorted out, sent to the recycle bin, accurate the rate of 100%, zero points. Editor: GDN007相关的主题文章: