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Thailand Chiang Mai, mouring period of water – Lantern Festival site tourism Sohu if April is Thai Songkran Festival carnival, November shuidengjie should be Thailand the most beautiful romantic holiday. In the best season of Thailand, will love in a lamp, a wish, let it go by, or with the wind shadow off. This is Thailand’s "the Qixi Festival", with the Thailand men and women love the most beautiful, but not just the love of men and women. During the Lantern Festival night water, Thailand water, will be full of water lights, flashing a star like candle. The lights of the past will take away the sins and misfortunes of the past year and usher in a new and bright future. The water from the Lantern Festival ritual jellyfish empress tradition with banana leaf folded into a boat, put flowers, candles, incense three. The blessing water lights into the water, play a better future. Loi is the drift or float point, Krathong refers to the ship type of lantern. The general Water Lantern Festival will last for three days, and that night on the night of the full moon, you will have lit lanterns, this is the Chiang Mai International Festival (YEEPENG LANNA INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL) Thailand mouring period, Chiang Mai Water Festival did not say if the rumors canceled, is still held as scheduled normal. Less music performances, and more to add a memory of the king’s link, more solemn ceremony. One of the seven wonders of Thailand still exists. The charge of 3000 tickets had already been sold out, hard to get a vote. The lantern light water river people spontaneously ignited Meiping still if Wan stars. Chiang Mai City, pan Tao Temple Water Festival blessing ceremony is the most famous. The monks sit in front of the Buddha bamboo forest, the sand is studded with candles, lights, water surrounded by faint reflection. Then came the monks chanting dharma. This is a beautiful feast is unable to use the photos show, Chiang Mai attracted countless visitors by onlookers. Meiping River Bridge, is also a kind of lively. The visitors gathered at the Lantern lit. With the rising sky lanterns, candlelight swaying in the wind, bright as the stars. Regarded as the next 18 years the super moon will be cast into the shade. Maybe you have been to Chiang Mai, take a stroll to the temples and scenic spots. But there is no experience of water of Chiang Mai Lantern Festival, understanding is not enough. This is the most incredible experience in life. For Thailand, which is rich in natural beauty and natural beauty of the tourism country, only to feel, only to understand the hearts of the people of peace and good heart.相关的主题文章: