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Tesla hitted the driver killed firefighters worry not near the tree damaged Tesla electric Phoenix Technology News Beijing on September 8th news, according to foreign media reports, on Wednesday, a Tesla Model S in the Holland accident, the vehicle crashed into a tree, the driver died on the spot. However, it took firefighters hours to rescue the bodies of the dead, because they were worried about the vehicle shock. At present, the cause of the accident is not yet clear, but according to eyewitness description, this car Tesla battery somehow fell down from the car, at a distance of more than 65 feet of road vehicle on fire, according to reports, firefighters spent half an hour to extinguish the fire. However, according to the Holland RTV.NH website reported that because some of the battery modules out, making it more difficult for firefighters to lift the body from the body. Clearly, firefighters have called Tesla engineers, how to avoid electric shock to seek their help. In fact, Holland has been the guiding rules of electric vehicle accident rescue, but the accident hit strongly, firefighters are still worried about the occurrence of electric shock accident. Tesla spokesman said they are working closely with the authorities to investigate the cause of the accident, as soon as possible to announce the details of the accident. Right now, no one knows whether the vehicle is in the autopilot mode at the time of the accident. Earlier this year, a fatal car accident hit Tesla’s share price, and the accident has raised doubts about the safety of automatic driving. (compile Lv Jiahui)相关的主题文章: