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TensorFlow open the first anniversary of Github has become the most popular machine learning project (New Zhi Yuan reported inventory) – new technology Sohu Zhi Yuan compiled source: Google blog translator: Liu Xiaoqin, Li Jingyi [November 10th] new Zhi Yuan introduction, Google brain team open source TensorFlow week anniversary. Over the past year, TensorFlow has developed rapidly and has become the most popular machine learning program on Github. This paper inventory of new wisdom yuan in the past year, TensorFlow made important reports, take you to review the results of the year TensorFlow. (Stone Zak) Google brain team open source TensorFlow year, is the occurrence of many major events, a very important year. TensorFlow’s open source is designed to promote machine learning research, so that everyone can make better use of technology. Over the past year, more than 480 people have contributed directly to the TensorFlow, including Google employees, external researchers, independent programmers, students, and other senior executives of large companies. TensorFlow has now become the most popular machine learning program on GitHub. We have submitted more than 10000 commit in just 12 months, to improve the performance of TensorFlow, increase the support of distributed training, bringing TensorFlow to the iOS and raspberry pie, and the data structure of TensorFlow and wide application integration. We also allow TensorFlow access to Go, Rust and Haskell, released the most advanced image classification model, and on the GitHub, StackOverflow and TensorFlow mailing list answered thousands of questions. At Google, TensorFlow supports all of the research from large-scale product functionality to exploratory research. Our recent use of TensorFlow (as well as the hardware accelerator Tensor processing unit specifically designed for TensorFlow) has made significant progress in Google translation. The Magenta project is being developed can generate the melody of reinforcement learning based on the new model; and a recent visit to PhD and the Google team developed a brain can automatically switch between the various art styles of the TensorFlow model. DeepMind has also decided to use TensorFlow as the motivation for all of their research – for example, they recently developed a very good voice and music generation model based on the original audio. We are particularly excited that developers from around the world use TensorFlow to do research. We are committed to ensuring that Tens.相关的主题文章: