Tencent 18 anniversary of each employee was about 300 shares worth about $53 thousand lightscape

Tencent 18 anniversary of each employee receive the value of 300 shares of about 53 thousand Sina Technology News November 11th news, today is the 18 anniversary of the establishment of Tencent, Tencent chairman and CEO Ma Huateng announced for employees past efforts, share 18 years of growth, the Tencent has prepared a special gift of gratitude "employees will grant each 300 shares of Tencent stock to employees, especially to commemorate the 18 anniversary of the establishment of the company is about RMB 53 thousand, calculated according to the current price. Tencent said, estimated that the total value of stock to approximately HK $1 billion 700 million (about 1 billion 500 million yuan). In addition, Tencent is also serving employees, leaving employees, outsourcing staff and company staff prepared a total of about 30 million yuan in cash envelopes, the amount of a single red ranging from 188-1888 yuan. Ma Huateng said: Tencent 18 years, I would like to talk about Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving to all my colleagues." According to statistics, Tencent Inc since its inception in November 11, 1998, has developed into one of China’s largest Internet Co. Up to now, the number of monthly active users of WeChat and QQ has reached 806 million and 899 million, respectively, to become the most widely used products. Since 2011, the opening strategy, Tencent cumulative achievements of 30 listed companies, more than 6 million registered entrepreneurs to achieve total revenue of partners reached $16 billion. Through these efforts, the Tencent continued to explore the "connection", to allow each user to feel the "Internet plus" on the new energy industry, to give the traditional, work and life bring great convenience. It is understood that the annual celebration of the company has been one of the most important holiday Tencent employees. In our day, all employees of the Tencent will wear T-shirts with the company on the company’s birthday. For example, in November 11, 2015, Tencent employees together to create a 170.895 square meter sticker puzzle, breaking the Guinness book of world records. This year in order to better celebrate the 18 anniversary of the adult ceremony, Tencent is more open attitude, by hosting a large open Carnival activities, inviting guests to join the joy of the department. Since September of this year, Tencent were held in the north, on the broad, deep, Chengdu 5 large-scale Tencent adult ceremony Q Carnival celebration.相关的主题文章: