Survey data, said the average salary of graduates in 2015 was 4010 yuan hyuna

The survey data that graduates in 2015 the average salary of 4010 yuan reform era entrance Consultant: transition or eliminated click on the application of college entrance examination planning industry summit prize survey: take dad mom into the buddies in college entrance examination of college entrance examination planning industry summit held in November the average number of industry summit process of College entrance examination independent recruitment of various disciplines contest requirements summary cover letter writing test for 8 taboos learn what professional enrollment of colleges graduates recommended ranking key – trans provincial flow ratio is still high. For industry, change the unit of graduates will be more and more – third industry belongs to the service industry, will become the main employment of college graduates. The school level is higher, the proportion of flow Osaka Eastern college graduates in a favorable position in the job In recent years, China’s economic development presents a new norm, mainly three characteristics: one is economic growth from high speed to high speed; the two is the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure; the three is the economic growth mode from the factor driven to innovation driven. From the perspective of economic growth, 2015 is China’s "12th Five-Year" plan last year, the economic growth rate appeared low, only 6.9%. This figure is not only the lowest during 12th Five-Year, but also the lowest since 1991. From the point of view of industrial structure, the third industry in 2012 the proportion of GDP for the first time in more than second industry has become the largest proportion of the industry, the third industry occupy half of the country in 2015, the proportion reached 50.5%. From the perspective of driving factors, labor costs continue to rise, a large number of funds out of the real economy, innovation driven economic development is no longer a choice, but have to face the reality and challenges. China’s economic development has entered a new norm, the scale of college graduates still maintained a rising trend, 2016 graduates reached 7 million 650 thousand people, plus the number of graduates from previous years to employment, the employment situation of college graduates seems to be more than a year to. How the employment situation of college graduates, need to use data to speak. Peking University (fractional line, professional setting) educational college every year conducted a questionnaire survey of a national employment situation of college graduates since 2003, the volume of each sample survey in about twenty thousand people, as of 2015, the Faculty of education of Peking University were surveyed about 140 thousand college graduates. Based on the statistical description of the data and the results of regression analysis, the author believes that the employment of college graduates in China has the following ten main characteristics. Graduation is more scattered in comparison with previous employment survey results, the employment of college graduates in 2015 have obvious differences: first, showing the proportion of units have been identified and the proportion of employment in the "double down" phenomenon. In 2015 the proportion of units has been determined only 33.4%, the lowest in the 7 survey, which is consistent with the lowest growth rate, reflecting the significant impact of economic development on employment. And in the economic situation is grim, employment difficulties, the university graduates employment guidance work more attention, active English相关的主题文章: