Suqian women go to a blind date is drugged man called only limb contact (video)-ca1816

Suqian women go to a blind date was drugged man said "only physical contact" was originally just a blind date, did not expect the other party to do such a thing! Keep your eye on blind date! The women’s blind date was photographed and photographed, and the whole thing happened in a fast food restaurant in Jiangsu, Suqian. At 2 p.m. in November 5th, a couple walked into a fast food restaurant, and the man then went to the reception desk to order. After the waiter brought out a cup of coke and a cup of coffee, the man opened the lid of the coffee cup, opened a white paper bag in his hand, poured the white powder in it, and stirred it with a straw. When she arrived at the table, the girl picked up her coffee and drank it without thinking. After 15 minutes, the girl seemed to feel a little dizzy. Under the man’s proposal, the two men walked out of the fast food restaurant and went to the hotel. Later, the girl reported the matter to the police station, she told police, his after drinking a cup of coffee to amnesia, has been reported before, do not eat anything. According to video surveillance, the suspect Zhang soon arrested. According to his account, he was only physical contact with the girl, and did not implement rape, because he had just undergone surgery. Police said that Zhang’s behavior has been suspected of rape, and the white powder into the coffee in the end what is still in the identification.

宿迁女子去相亲被下药 男子称“只进行肢体接触” 原本只是一场相亲,没想到对方竟做出这样的事!相亲也要留心眼! 女子相亲被下药 监控拍下全过程 事情发生在江苏宿迁的一家快餐店。11月5号下午2点,一对男女走进了快餐店,男子随后就去服务台点餐。服务员端出一杯可乐和一杯咖啡后,这名男子打开了咖啡杯盖,将手里的一个白色纸包打开,将里面的白色粉末倒了进去,并用吸管搅拌了一下。端到了餐桌后,女孩不假思索地拿起了咖啡就喝了。15分钟光景以后,女孩似乎觉得有点头晕,在这名男子的提议下,两人走出快餐店,去了宾馆。事后,女孩到派出所报了案,她告诉办案民警,自己在喝了一杯咖啡之后就失忆了,一直到报案前,都没有吃任何东西。根据视频监控,犯罪嫌疑人张某很快就落网了。据他交代,自己仅仅是对女孩进行了肢体接触,并没有实施强奸,因为自己刚刚做过手术。警方表示,张某的行为已经涉嫌强奸,而放到咖啡里的那包白色粉末到底是什么,目前仍在鉴定当中。相关的主题文章: