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Students receiving stray dogs were teacher dropped points of college dormitory property provisions of the new network in the central broadcasting network Beijing on October 30th news Chinese according to the voice of "global Chinese radio network" reported recently, some netizens puliao, a Beijing university teacher, do not let the students adopt stray dogs in the dormitory, and there is a dispute, the dog from the dormitory upstairs dropped dead. The student dormitory said, a rainy day half a month ago, a male student to pick up a stray dog. Dog is very docile, did not bite the students, has been in the dormitory 5 floor activities". The other to learn that the dog has been washed, hit a needle, to bring home, but the teacher upstairs to the dog, then had a quarrel. Since then, the school for network transmission has responded that the teacher of health inspection in the boys’ apartment, found the dog scurrying in the corridor, so he will stray from the corridor windows thrown to death, has been criticized on the teacher and asked them to take this as a warning. This news sparked hot friends. Many users comments, processing of the dorm is too cruel, after all, is a life. Some netizens believe that the dormitory should not have a dog, is the first violation of discipline. Today, look at foreign universities in the dormitory management which are the relevant provisions. First look at the United states. According to the Wall Street media reporter Lin Jian introduced, although the United States a lot of college dormitories are also prohibited the provisions of raising pets, but also can be seen everywhere humane care. For example, Florida cartoon school allow students to take weight less than 18 kg of pet cats and dogs, leisurely everywhere in the campus. There are different rules for keeping pets at school. Although most schools prohibit students to keep pets in the dormitory, but considering some of the new leave home and familiar living environment, moving into a strange school life, it is very difficult to adjust, some schools allow students to take their pets. For example, Florida cartoon school allowing students to carry weight not exceeding 18 kg of cats and dogs and cats and dogs in the campus, everywhere; Massachusetts Institute of Technology cannot do without pets for the students of 4 cats dormitory; Virginia, Svetlana Blair college, as long as in the equestrian class, students can put their own the horse to school feeding. But whether it is pets or other dormitory life, each school dormitory management department students are required to sign an agreement in hostel, commitment to comply with the item, take responsibility for accommodation. In the school’s official website, will set out the student accommodation regulations and dormitory services involving the use of content including heating, microwave oven, TV, furniture and other facilities, and compensation for damage after, and make strict regulations for drinking, smoking, cooking, pets and other acts, the students must follow. In addition, the United States has a university dormitory, dormitory counselors, they are most closely contact with the student accommodation management staff, equivalent to the domestic teacher. They will be in accordance with the rules and regulations of the school accommodation for students to manage, but also to help students solve the difficulties in school accommodation life. If there are students in violation of regulations, these places.相关的主题文章: