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Strict access to regulate the protection of the network about the sustainable development of the car – Sohu comments after a lapse of two months, Shanghai’s network of local rules about the car finally unveiled". This afternoon, the Beijing Shanghai Chongqing and Guangzhou Shenzhen five respectively issued the relevant regulations, according to the network about the car platform, vehicle and driver licensing conditions clearly formulated, also let the next network operators to achieve "the law about the car". About the car network management method, a high degree of concern, involving the interests of many, it is necessary to take into account the sound development of the industry, but also consider the actual conditions of Shanghai is a large city, the introduction of the policy is not easy. As the now fashionable way to travel, network about cars "name" is represent the general trend. Along with the rest of the policy landing, in the future, in line with the conditions of the network about the car was finally able to right and proper on the streets, many drivers will also bid farewell to the "underground" state, the development of the industry has taken a solid step. But as the car about the "name", is not allowed without marginal free expansion, but not to become cynical "blind law". In determining the rationality of the existence of the car about the same time, the introduction of the relevant system, is the hope to effectively solve the problems exposed in the development of the current industry. A big years of expansion, resulting in vehicles, personnel and vehicles on the platform uneven in quality, the enterprise audit useless, they have become "stubborn", It is often seen. resulting consumer rights infringement case. In April this year, a "female students called" the car suspicious message in various new media platforms forwarding diffusion. The parties by taxi software called the car and car number displayed on the software completely inconsistent; in March this year, the city traffic enforcement corps in the process of law enforcement, is seized a car owners at the same time the use of 3 sets of vehicle license plate…… Because the network about cars produce traffic accident, security incidents and criminal cases are increasing, the parties are called "on the pipe in the car". Shanghai scheme, fully implement the basic guiding ideology of management according to law, green environmental protection, safe operation, fair competition, consumer protection, is the embodiment of "targeted". For example, in the access threshold, the provisions of Shanghai in Shanghai network about cars and vehicles and drivers must be "Shanghai", this is mainly because, first, the policies applied by the city, is the national fundamental policy requirements, after all, is the main city network about vehicle management; second, double "Shanghai" is the following sharing economy rules, can confirm personal idle assets out of social information sharing from the end. For example, in the vehicle access threshold, the full implementation of the national five emission standards. For example, in the management of the company, violation of traffic safety accidents, Shanghai clear requirements about the car company to network the interests of passengers, disrupt the operation order behavior, should be taken to suspend business, cancellation of Registration Platform and other measures…… About the car industry is going through the early barbaric growth, and bathed in the current capital expansion in the ascendant. Facts have proved that the platform of enterprises and practitioners have fully enjoyed the high benefits brought about by the new format, but did not fully assume the corresponding social responsibility. An industry that grows under unfair competition, an industry that breeds security risks, should never be the internet.相关的主题文章: