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UnCategorized Wine glasses are often among the items that are the pride of a home, particularly if that home belongs to a dedicated wine connoisseur. Yet for the more expensive, crystal wine glasses, the idea of storing them turned upside down in a cupboard shelf is horrifying to some. After all, such treatment will surely eventually leads to chips and even potential breaks; not something one wishes to experience with expensive, beautiful wine glasses. It is therefore a sensible option to have wine glasses that you use for every day purposes, and a second set which are for use on special occasions. While you may enjoy the idea of sitting with an expensive glass, containing a stunning expensive wine, of a workday evening – it is not the most practical of applications. Instead, for every day usage, cheap and easily replaceable wine glasses may be the best option; and reserve the expensive, beautifully crafted glasses for occasions that particularly deserve it. The practical application of this theory is, of course, slightly more difficult than the theoretical solution would suggest. Expensive wine glasses, of course, cannot be bundled into the attic with the other items that are awaiting their day in the sun -storage boxes for wine glasses are far more apposite, but one must get the boxes right to ensure that glasses are always fresh and in perfect condition when needed. The most obvious type of storage boxes are the type that the glasses themselves are delivered in; they are usually custom built, and many wine glass manufacturers go the extra mile and line boxes with silk and similar. However, for initial transportation even these specialist boxes tend to be lined with bubble wrap and other packaging materials – the box itself does very little protective work, and is designed for display rather than useful protection. If displaying the wine glasses and their box is not an option – and particularly for those with young children, it isn’t – then the manufacturers box itself may not be the full protection you require. Wine storage boxes needn’t be expensive, and particularly if you plan on storing glasses in an attic, they needn’t be decorative. Unfortunately, many of the storage boxes for wine available on the local high street are both decorative and expensive. However, it is functionality and practicality that is key when it comes to storing wine glasses. In this instance, storage boxes are best created from a replica of the original packaging material that contained your wine box and glasses in the first instance. Thick rolls of bubble wrap, securing with masking tape and then placed inside sturdy cardboard boxes is ultimately going to be the best way to preserve wine glasses when not in use. This is particularly useful if you have problems with a leaking roof, as the bubble wrap will ensure the glasses remain free of the water that may come into the attic. Always label boxes clearly and in large letters, as while thick layers of packaging in a storage box will reduce most of the damage, one can never be too careful. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: