Start Your Motorcycles Engine, Put The Helmet Or The Doo Rag And Lets Race The

Motorcycles There are various types of motorcycle helmets available in the markets and the main purpose of a helmet is to protect the rider from head injury. The well-known and leading motorcycle brands that are available in the market are Bolle, Nolan, Honda, Yamaha, Fox, Vega, Giro, Suzuki, Acerbic, Cobra, Jones and the Icon. Motorcycle helmets were introduced to cater for safety of the rider on roads. Wearing of helmet is .pulsory in most of the countries. With helmet the rider feels secured and protects him from fatal accidents. The main parameters of helmet are proper ventilation for cooling, technical make, light in weight and design and the shape along with the style. The types of motorcycle helmets include flip up motorcycle helmet, open face helmet, half helmets and the full-face helmets. Nowadays, helmets are available for all types of riding events such as snowmobile events, dirt bike motorcycle events and for automotive motorcycle events. While choosing a motorcycle helmet, one needs to consider many factors that enable you to select good helmet. Some of the important factors are as follows. The color of the helmet should match with your motorcycle; otherwise the different .bination will look odd. The motorcycle helmet should be of good quality and made of strong sturdy material to protect your head in case of accident. It should properly fit and should not either over size or under size. The motorcycle should satisfy and be approved from the authorized government agencies. The motorcycle helmet should allow you see the peripheral vision so that chances of accidents are less. Choose such type of helmet that is bright in color so that it is visible to others in night. While selecting motorcycle helmets safety matters are to be concerned first and then style and color. Doo Rags Doo rags are as important as the motorcycle helmets. A Doo rag is a piece of fine cloth that is used for covering the head while riding motorcycles. This tying of Doo rags started in 1930 by people of Africa and America. The main purpose of Doo rags during that period was to protect chemically processed hairs. During those days, they were made from cotton or women stocking were used as a Doo rag. But now days they are made from fine quality polyester. It is believed that civil war slaves in American culture introduced the Doo rags and it is closely related to the culture of Afro-American. The main artist that helped Doo rags to get popular is the LL Cool and Mr. Nelly as they portrayed the Doo rags in their paintings. The Doo rags are worn under the helmets and they absorb excess sweat in summer and keep the riders head cool. Doo rags also enable the motorcycle helmets to fit properly and do not allow moving of the helmet to from its place in case of motor racing. These Doo rags also protect your hairs from hot Sun and allow the rider to have safe ride as hairs does not obstruct the vision of the rider while driving at speed. Doo rags are available in various colors and shapes. The .mon color preferred in selecting Doo rag is black. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: