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Star wardrobe door on the reoccurrence of financing funds caused by frustration crazy burn star wardrobe reoccurrence wages door clothing business model was suspected of radical cross-border financing setback crazy burn capital chain tension caused by Wang Lina after a lapse of three months, cross-border apparel business platform "star Wardrobe" again traced overdue wages, payment businesses, D round of financing is hard to find disk access man, the outside world that this is financing its frequent and huge marketing caused by the crazy burn the capital chain tension caused by. Recently, publicly reported that the star wardrobe arrears payment and businesses delayed wages, leaving a star wardrobe staff also revealed that "because of funding constraints, the staff did not have 3 months to pay, not pay social security for five or six months." In the industry view, the star wardrobe D round of financing delay, cause capital chain tension is, on the one hand, the winter capital system; on the other hand, the star wardrobe in cross-border electricity supplier apparel business model is not clear enough under the condition of "too quickly" the cash flow is not sufficient to support the normal operation of the enterprise, and this causes a series of problems of the star wardrobe. Overvalued business model is not clear, it is worth noting that, founded in 2012, the star wardrobe is fashionable female users as the target group, in March 2015 began the transformation of business models, from the initial to the cross-border shopping guide platform apparel business platform. In the past by the stars dress collocation and attract traffic to Taobao and other electronic business platform shopping guide mode, it is difficult to make money with the star wardrobe CEO Lin Qinghua’s words, and because users buy turnover in the third party platform, shopping guide platform can not grasp the user data, so as to form a closed loop business. However, the electricity supplier platform is not easy to do, especially in the case of the domestic electricity supplier has been more mature. AI media consulting CEO Zhang Yi said: "the business is hard work, obvious characteristics of vertical electricity supplier who grew up in the middle of the very roots is very low-key, can do a solid product." Star wardrobe since its inception maintained an average year round of financing in October 2014 to obtain free frequency, Quan Ren, Li Bingbing et al founded Star VC, Jason Jiang, Lancy shares of $10 million 800 thousand C+ round of financing in August 2015; Zhejiang Yongqiang 50 million yuan Pre-D round of financing. Pre D round of financing, the star wardrobe valuation reached 1 billion 650 million yuan. At the end of last year to start the D round of financing seems to encounter difficulties, the media quoted CITIC staff’s view, the star wardrobe overvalued, the business model is not clear, operational data question. In June this year, Lin Qinghua accept I horse network interview that originally at the end of the end of March this year the D round of financing capital extension, but also a bit nervous. Early in June this year, the interface called "Star news VC voted in cross-border electricity supplier fashion star wardrobe tight funding chain D round of financing fear no one to offer" the article said, was broke, the star wardrobe owed wages, the valuation is too high, the business model of doubt, prospect is not optimistic. Then the star wardrobe statement issued a rebuttal, there are a lot of theory in this article相关的主题文章: