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Posted By: Shwetha KN Bangalore, 23rd February, 2016: Smart Software Testing Solutions, leading provider of automated testing solutions for Agile enterprises, has raised pre – Series A funding to the tune of US$ 1 million, from Your Nest Angel Fund for acquiring Bangalore-based and supporting in its expansion plan. Part of fund goes to SAAS enablement of its flagship Test Automation product OpKey. Dr. Rajesh Sanghi, an angel who is a veteran technologist and a mentor for technology start-ups has also contributed to this fund. pCloudy is a cloud-based smart mobile testing platform that aims to disrupt the exponentially growing mobile app testing market, estimated to be US$ 60 million, by being only player providing on-demand access to Asia specific mobile device. Additionally, by providing an analytics driven platform for manual and automated testing of Apps on hundreds of real devices, pCloudy is addressing one of the biggest pain areas-device fragmentation- faced by mobile start-ups and big players alike. Combined with OpKey, the tool agnostic test automation platform by SSTS, pCloudy aims to simplify the current tedious and non-effective process of mobile app testing.

SSTS Vector Software Selected Vance Hilderman To Head Global Services Posted By: Sydney Hardison Providence, RI, January 28, 2014 – Vector Software, the world’s leading provider of innovative software solutions for testing safety and mission critical embedded applications, announced today that Vance Hilderman has joined the company as Director of Global Services. Vance’s blend of safety-critical software and systems engineering skills plus deep domain expertise in regulated industries is a perfect complement to the existing product offerings of Vector Software. Hilderman has trained over 9,000 engineers and managers in 40 countries in development methodologies, and standards compliance, in a variety of industries, including: avionics, medical device, industrial controls, automotive, railway, and telecom. He has also authored the definitive book on certifying airborne systems: Avionics Certificaton – A Complete Guide to DO-178B AND DO-254. In his new position, Hilderman is responsible for building service offerings that go well beyond just consulting. The goal of the Global Services team is to help VectorCAST customers implement best practices for Software Development and Test, with a goal of improving software quality, and make Software Certification as efficient as possible.

Vector Software Vector Software Launched Vectorcast Global Services Posted By: Sydney Hardison Providence, RI, January 22, 2014 – Vector Software, the world’s leading provider of innovative software solutions for testing safety and mission critical embedded applications, announced today the launch of VectorCAST Global Services. From its inception, the company has provided consulting services, and the unveiling of the Global Services organization reflects a commitment to providing the most beneficial embedded software testing services available. The new organization will be responsible for helping customers implement industry focused, best-practice-based methodologies to improve software quality. Comprised of embedded software development and test experts, the team will focus on providing complete embedded test solutions that reduce cost, risk and time-to-market for customers. The VectorCAST Global Services group will offer project consulting, best practices workshops, continuous-test process implementation, and industry standards compliance analysis. The group is focused on mentoring clients for self-sufficiency, while helping them establish repeatable software development and testing processes. Project consulting services include one-on-one mentoring using the VectorCAST embedded test suite with actual project code. The best practices workshops show organizations how to maximize their return on investment in tools and staff.

Vector Software Software Testing Evolution And Revolution Posted By: Ken Miller

agile software testing Software Testing Companies: Important Role In Software Industry Posted By: kiwiqa Nowadays, world demands accurate software which will use in variety of business segments such as health, IT, education, industry and more. Software testing companies will come ahead to give cutting edge solutions to the software testing services. Software testing companies take care about client satisfaction software testing companies follow the strategic software testing process including structural work flow. They give valued QA and software testing services to the clients including elements of business services AND products also targeting significant segments. Now see how to get qualitative software testing solutions removing bugs, slow interface etc. Experts know latest techniques and tools which give flying wings to your software in terms of quick response, accuracy, performance, security. Each task is performed with test case within standard framework. See the Work Flow of Software Testing Companies Requirement Measurements: Requirement measurements segment covers analysis of requirements respect to the software and creates structural model for testing including proper guidelines. Integration of Requirement Model and Source Code: This segment measures how software source codes defined based on requirement model. It checks proper relationship with each other and follow the equivalence testing process. Compile Link: In this segment code compiled successfully and run.

Software testing company Software Testing Services That Are Fast, Efficient And Reliable – Discover The Bugfinders Generation Posted By: Michael T. Scott BugFinders are an Enterprise-class International Full Service software testing company who offer bespoke and full house Web AND Mobile app software testing solutions. Combined with these services, BugFinders are leaders in professional software testing and can cater for the majority of developmental application protocols that offer a faster, stronger, safer, cheaper AND more reliable service than the majority of software testing services and companies available in the market today. These professional and bespoke services are what put BugFinders on the map above its competitors. If your software is important to you and you’re in search of a fast, responsive, reliable and most importantly, cost-effective software testing company, BugFinders will be able to provide a complete, professional AND affordable approach to your software development needs. Offering their software testing services to a wide market of developers, BugFinders can cater and tailor their services to your specific needs and are simply a phone call away should you need any assistance. BugFinders testing services offer a variety of bespoke and uniquely tailored testing packages from: 1.Enterprise 2.Ecommerce 3.Start-up 4.

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software testing solutions Outsource Software Testing Ensures Better Software Quality Posted By: Rofell Outsource software testing is carried out by the different organizations that are not directly involved in the process of software development. Software evaluating is a pivotal phase of a software development that enables the companies to concentrate on their core activities because external software testing experts handle the independent validation work. By availing this service, companies earn huge profits like reduced time to market, independent assessment leading to enhanced delivery confidence, lower infrastructure investment, de-risking of deadlines predictable software quality and increased time to focus on designing better solutions. Depending on the detected problems with software development, companies offer different outsource software testing services that includes: Full outsourcing of the whole palette of software testing AND quality assurance operations Realization of complex testing with high resource consumption Prompt resource enlargement of the company by external testing experts Support of existing program products by new releases testing Independent quality audit Software testing services are effectively used during development, prior to launch or for updating the old version of your software product. Software evaluating solution is perfect solution for the developers and numerous companies, which have software products, ranging from simple to the highly-complex ones.

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Software testing services Posted By: thinjobz We Offer exceptional IT services for global customers throughout the world and we aim at turning out as a comprehensive IT Services provider and your favorite offshore Outsourcing Solutions provider cutting your business costs more than many times. We have a profound experience in Software Development, Application Programming, Software Testing Solutions, Web Development, Web Designing and we are deep in following Technologies: Microsoft Technologies (Microsoft.Net , Microsoft SharePoint Server, Microsoft Dynamic NAV, Microsoft Exchange server, Microsoft CRM, Microsoft Biztalk Server, Microsoft Commerce Server, Microsoft Visual C++,Dot Net Nuke etc) Java Technologies (Java Script, J2EE, J2ME, Web services like XML, SOAP WSDL) Open Source Linux and Unix Technologies ( Linux Application development, RPM package Building, Python, Pearl, Shell scripting, Kernel Development, Linux Application Compatibility Testing etc , open source application development platforms inclusing Joomla, PHPBB, Word press, Oscommerce etc) Software Testing Solutions (Black Box Testing using Silk Test Tools, Load Runner tools etc and White Box (coding) testing. HIYA TechSolutions Private Limited offers IT services and ITES services to clients all around the globe.

offshore outsourcing Enterprise Software Testing Posted By: Aubrey Marshall Nowadays many companies face new challenges while designing effective and efficient testing strategies for enterprise applications. Incomplete or flawed test data means inaccurate testing, which can lead to application failure and business disruption. The basic approaches to build test environments include cloning application production environments and writing custom extract programs. These testing methods can be labor intensive, error prone and costly. None of the client would like to risk losing customers, market share, brand equity or revenue by delivering applications that have not been thoroughly tested. For this reason, looking for a dedicated enterprise application testing company is a must. Ensuring Both End-User and System-Wide Quality for Enterprise Applications, dedicated performance testing companies, use industry leading tools to perform most complete and collaborative Enterprise Software Testing solutions. Mindfire Solution is one such company delivering quality testing services. Our tools and techniques allows QA, development and analyst teams to rapidly design and execute functional, unit, regression and load tests against dynamic web sites (RIAs), as well as natively testing and verifying business logic within most middle-tier technologies that exist below the UI, and extending to provide a test harness for custom and legacy applications.

Enterprise Application Testing The Top 5 Reasons To Outsource Software Testing Posted By: kassiermdembowski 1. Time Pressure Most, if not all software developments come under time pressure from approaching deadlines. By choosing a different company to fulfill testing tasks, projects can be brought back on track and even saved from missing deadlines. 2. Cost One reason why a company may choose outsourcing is to avoid the need to employ full-time software testers. For this reason alone, the decision can be highly effective. Many of the companies you will find promote the fact that they can reduce testing costs by incredible percentages. 3. Simplicity For any Project Manager, the task of organizing manpower to ensure that development and testing tasks are completed on time can be a real headache. By outsourcing test related tasks, the organizational tasks are significantly reduced, and the Project Manager now can focus solely on the development aspects of the project. 4. Planning By obtaining an up-front quote prior to the start of a project, you will have the advantage of knowing exactly how much the total testing cost will be. This information can be extremely important to project stakeholders and may be a deciding factor to a project actually going ahead or not. 5.

software testing Many Employers And Schools Are Using Software Testing Posted By: James Hunt There are many employers and institutions of learning that are using software testing computer applications to administer quizzes, exams and tests of all sorts. Software testing allows for test administrators to create and grade tests and exams in the most efficient ways possible, as well as provide a system for tracking grading curves recording and tracking the performance of the tested. Aggregate information can be compiled to help in streamlining the process of educating and testing and to assist course builders in development their courseware for a particular audience according to specific needs that are reinforced and brought to light by having this type of information available.

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