Singer Hu Xia took 500 thousand to sing the wrong lyrics Studio restore the

Singer Hu Xia took 500 thousand to sing the wrong lyrics? The studio to restore the truth of Beijing – Beijing August 30,   according to Taiwan’s "China times" the news, with popular song "those years" at the age of 26, singer Hu Xia, 29, broke the business took 500 thousand yuan, but the wrong lyrics by manufacturers, embarrassed, results in the morning to get out there are people, so he came to tears, so fans don’t give up. This morning, Hu Xia released a statement through the studio micro-blog, referring to the day was asked to sing the company’s brand theme song, but also to clarify the performance of only half of the rumors, is 250 thousand yuan. Yesterday, the media broke the news Hu Xia in the business process, because of wrong lyrics, was asked to sing in order to leave, until one o’clock in the morning just to step down, the Hu Xia studio issued a statement, said they had never received about 500 thousand yuan sponsor performance fee, and show the contract, clarification is 250 thousand yuan. As for the words wrong. Rumors, the studio also said that at the time the order contract, the two sides agreed to choose two song sung by Hu Xiafang, and Hu Xia sang "those years", "for me to take care of her", the organizers asked with singing brand theme song, "Mr. Hu Xia in order to protect the safety of staff not to make the scene scene contradictions of singing the song", for the current online rumors to discredit Hu Xia or sponsor, Hu Xia reserves the right to pursue legal, also hope that the rumors stop wise.相关的主题文章: