Sina this year, micro-blog shares rose nearly two times for originator twitter shame (video) 木村kaela

Sina micro-blog shares rose nearly two times this year to shame Tencent originator Twitter technology news according to foreign media reports, although Sina micro-blog (hereinafter referred to as "micro-blog") and micro blog Twitter at first glance have many things in common, such as the two companies most of the revenue comes from advertising, the 140 character limit on message length increased more elastic well, are faced with the acquisition rumors, but there is a significant difference between the two companies: this year’s price trend. Twitter shares fell more than 20% this year at the same time, but because of its dominance in the Chinese market share of micro-blog’s dominance to support its revenue prospects, pushing the company’s share price rose nearly two times. Micro-blog’s current market capitalization of approximately $11 billion, is rapidly approaching the market value of $Twitter $12 billion 600 million. Unlike micro-blog, when last year’s market capitalization reached $34 billion Twitter, is currently facing increasing competition from Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook and many other competitors. "Micro-blog is the only China social media platforms, and not the face of Twitter, Instagram and YouTube and other non local competition pressure in Hongkong," Morningstar analyst Marie · (Marie Sun) said the sun. Because overseas social media platform has not entered the Chinese market, micro-blog seize the opportunity for development." Founded in 2009, micro-blog, in 2014 from the network portal Sina spin off. The company’s first quarter net profit and revenue exceeded market expectations. Micro-blog’s current stock price is expected to be 51 times earnings in the next 12 months, more than the global average of the same dynamic price earnings ratio of 36 times, also higher than Twitter. Micro-blog Twitter price comparison of micro-blog in June this year, the number of active users reached 282 million, up 33% year-on-year growth in the number of monthly active users; also make Twitter inferior by comparison. As China’s most popular social networking applications, Tencent’s WeChat has more than 806 million months of active users, but the platform has a different function with micro-blog. WeChat is a multi-purpose super private messaging application, combined with the equivalent of Facebook, Uber, Paypal, Tinder and many other applications, micro-blog is playing a search on the public account and the first platform for information sharing. At the same time, micro-blog’s advertising revenue in the second quarter, an increase of 45%. Because of the prospects for micro-blog, Alibaba group holdings in early this year, micro-blog. Micro-blog shares Monday since 2014 IPO since a new high at the same time, because of sluggish growth in revenue growth slowed down and the user, below the issue price of $26 Twitter stock already fell in 2013 ipo. Market analysts are currently expected, Twitter next year’s revenue will be $2 billion 850 million, down from $4 billion 300 million a year ago. Twitter monthly active users in the first quarter grew by only 3%. Up to now,.相关的主题文章: