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Silk Road International Logistics Forum on promoting interoperability – Beijing, Beijing, Urumqi, September 20, (Guli Mina? Aili ha Zi) "according to the United Nations expert assessment, to 2020, the volume of trade between the Eurasian continent major market will grow 1.5 times, will reach $1 trillion and 200 billion, while the volume of trade between the EU and Chinese the freight volume will reach $800 billion, between Chinese and Europe will increase to 1.7 tons, it is a good advantage based on can through the Eurasian transport freight line, attract border……" In September 19th, the fifth session of the Chinese – Asia Europe Expo high-end forum of Silk Road International Logistics Forum, vice chairman of Kazakhstan alliance, the dynamic trend of transportation and logistics transportation minister Ravilenen C said in a speech when it comes to foreign trade development. The same day, the forum "to jointly build and share, and the future of the Silk Road Interchange opportunities as the theme, from the Xinjiang commission by letter, the Urumqi Railway Bureau, Urumqi economic and Technological Development Zone (Toutun River) District, Huoerguosi city and other government departments responsible person, China Transportation Association as well as Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Belarus and other well-known logistics enterprises responsible for logistics enterprises to promote interoperability, to jointly promote the construction of economic belt silk road made the exchange statement. In the light of "equal" data plans for "as" the road to the future "national plan for the most important infrastructure projects," Huoerguosi – East Gate "free economic zone will become an important gateway to the Eurasian Economic Union, the district will create favorable conditions for economic and infrastructure construction, regional assembly and distribution center in Southeast Asia, between the CIS, Europe and Middle East countries." Vice president, Kazakhstan Federation of transportation and logistics transportation minister Ravilenen C said in a speech from time to time flashed a map, drying out their own backyard, let everyone see the location advantage of Kazakhstan in the one and only Silk Road Economic Belt. He said: "the year of 2020 is expected to total assets, infrastructure and infrastructure investment will reach $24 billion, not only improve the Kazakhstan freight volume, but also will improve the quality of logistics services." "In vehicle imports, we not only have the distance, low transportation cost advantage, and has achieved the vehicle import for a long time without a fixed term special customs supervision……". Feng Xiangdong, vice mayor of Huoerguosi, listed the policy advantages in his speech. At present, Huoerguosi "four in one" modern transportation system in the continuous improvement, has a good development conditions and investment environment. To become "Asia Europe good neighbors" of the forum, from various countries government departments, logistics enterprises for customs clearance facilitation, how to reduce logistics cost measures, each one airs his own views. "Kazakhstan recently launched a new railway to the east coast of the Caspian Sea, the railway to make China through Central Asia, West Asia channel more than a choice, in addition, we believe that between South and Central Asia China, Chinese and western Russia between transit, there are the possibility of the construction of a new railway channel." Executive director of China Transportation Association, executive director of the Asia Europe continental bridge logistics branch相关的主题文章: