Sichuan 1654 projects started a total investment of 747 billion 800 million

Sichuan started 1654 projects with a total investment of 747 billion 800 million yuan plan drawing Wang Xue Washington (Sichuan Daily reporter Hu Yanshu Zhang Yuxi Jiang Junfang Chengdu Daily reporter Zhong Wen) the morning of October 31st, the Chengdu Center for scientific research project of Sichuan Province, the fourth quarter of 2016 began to focus on major projects and Chinese academy held a groundbreaking ceremony. Provincial Party Secretary Wang Dongming attended the groundbreaking ceremony and announced major projects started. Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party committee, governor Yin Li, vice president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences at the commencement ceremony speech, said Wang Enge. Provincial Standing Committee, Secretary General Wu Jingping, Provincial Standing Committee and executive vice governor Wang Ning, the provincial CPPCC Vice Chairman, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chengdu branch president Zhang Yudong, party secretary Tang Liangzhi, deputy secretary, acting mayor Luo Qiang, director of Municipal People’s Congress on Wei attended the ceremony. The focus of the ceremony started in Chengdu set up the main venue, Zigong, Panzhihua, Luzhou and other 20 cities (prefectures) and the Sichuan Chongqing power grid project site set up third channels. The day began to focus on individual projects, investment of more than 20 million yuan a total of 1654 major projects, plans a total investment of 747 billion 800 million yuan, plans to invest 86 billion yuan this year, is the history of our province organization projects focused on the largest number, one of the biggest investment scale. From the type of project, 569 major industrial projects, investment of 266 billion 700 million yuan; infrastructure projects, investment of 351 billion 900 million yuan. Investment 1-5 billion project 604, 5-10 billion yuan project 157, more than $1 billion project 143. The implementation of these major projects, for our province stable economic growth, adjusting the industrial structure, to complete the "project" of the deployment of a strong impetus, lay a solid foundation for the long-term development of our province next year or even longer period of time. Yin Li stressed in his speech, various departments across the province and the unit owners should carefully organized, scientific scheduling, implement the plan, to accelerate construction of the building, with practical actions to promote the project early completion, early production, as early as. To adhere to the quality in the first place, strictly implement the main responsibility for the quality of the project construction to ensure that the quality of the project can stand the test of history and practice. To adhere to the security as the bottom line, and resolutely implement the safety production responsibility system, strictly enforce the requirements of technical specification for engineering, strengthen supervision of production safety inspection, and resolutely prevent accidents, protect people’s lives and property safety. To adhere to the project planning and construction to make up the short board, promoting transformation, grasp planning, and actively seek and reserve a number of major new projects, efforts to complete the development of the short board, to promote the development of the province’s economic and social transformation, to ensure that this year’s objectives and tasks completed on schedule. To strengthen communication with the formation of a work force, the implementation of key projects leading cadres contact system, improve project service evaluation mechanism, strengthen the protection elements, create good conditions, strengthen supervision and inspection, to ensure that the provincial government "project" to deploy the work carried out, to achieve tangible results, with a solid work to lay a solid foundation for the overall project the construction of economy. Recommended reading: Sichuan people’s livelihood project supervision livelihood projects covering 21 cities and counties in Sichuan will be a comprehensive cessation of small hydropower projects.相关的主题文章: