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Even Large Size Womens Shoes Can Be Sexy And "cute" By: Trevor Mulholland | Aug 29th 2006 – Now large size womens shoes exist to free women from the restraints of outdated styles! Tags: Extraordinary Womens Shoes, And The Extraordinary Women Who Flaunt Them By: Trevor Mulholland | Aug 27th 2006 – Since the beginning womens shoes have reflected everything about the women who wear them – style, status, aesthetic taste, and poise only a few among them. Tags: Womens Shoes Are Fun To Buy By: Jerry Cahill | Aug 26th 2006 – Womens shoes continue to evolve. Womens shoes set all the fashion trends. Tags: Tips On Entering The World Of Large Size Man Shoes By: Trevor Mulholland | Aug 10th 2006 – Simply put, "man shoes" flaunt strength and authority. Large size "man shoes" especially define masculinity. So the next time you’re thinking of what you give your larger-than-life man, think about larger-than-life accessories and clothing. Tags: A Guide To Buying Baby And Toddler Shoes By: Lucy Bartlett | Aug 4th 2006 – Choosing the correct shoes for infants and younger children can be a bit daunting, hopefully this guide will make you a little more confident when it .es to making your purchase. Babies which are not yet crawling or walking really do not need shoes, and it is advisable to let them keep their feet free so th … Tags: Women’s Shoes By: David Evermon | Jul 29th 2006 – Women’s Shoes Not necessarily Expensive �"’˜A pair of new shoes might not cure a broken heart or soothe a tension headache but they will relieve the symptoms and chase away the blues’ these words were written by the famous Fashion critic, Holly Brubach. Well this statement reflects that shoes are of immen … Tags: Themed Wedding Shoes By: Jane Simpson | Jul 28th 2006 – Tradition tells us that wedding shoes should be white, feminine, and simply beautiful. But times are changing, and with that, the trends on bridal shoes. A bride’s wedding shoes are not limited to stilettos, mules, pumps, and kitten heels in ivory and satin. Today, the added flexibility of themed weddings allows brides to e … Tags: Why Italian Shoes Really Are The Best Quality By: Lucy Bartlett | Jul 21st 2006 – Most of us consider shoes made or styled in Italy as the ultimate in fashion. When we say Italian shoes it conjures a picture of good craftsmanship, style and quality. Italian designers are the most acclaimed footwear designers in the world. The Italian designers perfectly understand the anatomy of the leg and foot so they … Tags: Men"��s Crocs Shoes Have Gone Hi-tech! By: Mike Jerry | Jul 19th 2006 – Men"��s Crocs shoes have started a new revolution in hi-tech .fort. Men are always looking for hi tech shoes that will give them the .fort they need at a price they can afford. Crocs are shoes for the hi-tech man of today. Crocs are designed to keep the busy man looking great, whether at the office or playing on the bea … Tags: Why Are Shoes So Important To Women? By: Glenn Canady | Jul 16th 2006 – Women have shoes to wear for every state of affairs that life may offer them! A woman"��s shoes really go a long way towards telling you who she is, what she is like, and what she does with her life. There are many cases when a woman really needs a lot of different colors and styles, such as when she works everyday and need … Tags: Types Of Leather Used In Making Shoes By: Glenn Canady | Jul 16th 2006 – Most high quality shoes sold today are still made of leather just as they have been for centuries. Leather is still the material of choice for its durability and flexibility. Some leathers are more desirable than others and in this article we will go over some of the qualities of different leathers and how they are used. Tags: Assessing The Quality Of Men"��s Dress Shoes By: Glenn Canady | Jul 16th 2006 – Like women"��s dress shoes, men"��s dress shoes are mostly made of quality leather, this is however where the .parison ends. Women"��s dress shoes in general are made more for looks, while men"��s dress shoes are made for looks and .fort at the same time. Tags: Popular Shoes For Summer Of 2006 By: Glenn Canady | Jul 16th 2006 – Summer has always been a time for open shoes such as sandals and espadrilles and this summer is no different. Even though the retro looks of the wedge and platform shoes are .ing back into vogue, espadrilles are still one of the top fashion looks in shoes this season. Tags: Are Women"��s Designer Shoes Worth The Cost? By: Glenn Canady | Jul 16th 2006 – Shoes have .e a long way from their original use of merely protecting our feet, now they are a huge part of our daily dress and have be.e a multi billion dollar industry. Shoes are now a very important element in any outfit for men and women alike. Perhaps the biggest market is in women"��s designer shoes which can be v … Tags: Make Your Shoes Last Longer By: Glenn Canady | Jul 14th 2006 – Everything is more expensive these days. I am only 44 years old and I can remember when gas was less than fifty cents a gallon, a nice house was thirty thousand and a great new car for less than ten thousand. All of these are now multiplied several times and so are shoes! With the increase in the price of shoes it is even m … Tags: Shoes For The Bride By: Art-Luff | Jul 12th 2006 – Trying to find the perfect shoes for your Special Day can only be described as troublesome. Will it be heels or flats? Will you show your toes or will you opt for a sandal look? Wading through all the colors, styles and designs may cause the soon to be bride to shed a tear or two. Tags: Tips On Finding Special Sized Shoes By: Masni Rizal Mansor | Jul 12th 2006 – Whether you have wide or narrow feet, you know that finding special sized shoes is difficult. The most difficult type of special shoe to find is one for a wide or large foot. Having large feet does not have to mean you should pay high prices to have custom made shoes. There are a large number of online shoe stores that conc … Tags: Popular And Cute Baby Shoes By: Jenny Riley | Jul 9th 2006 – One of the greatest mysteries of life is the effort and money put into the purchase of baby clothing. Infants are not bothered about the quality of their outfits. They will cry anyway, even if they are kitted in a Versace shirt! Even this will not deter the average parent, they will still go ou … Tags: What You Should Know About Canvas Shoes By: Masni Rizal Mansor | Jul 9th 2006 – Canvas is a coarse cloth material made of hemp that is used in a number of things including sails, tents, boards (used for painting on, i.e. painting canvasses) and shoes. The canvas shoe is a very basic form of casual shoe or sneaker. It is constructed very simply with a canvas upper and a rubber sole. Canvas shoes can be … Tags: Make A Fashion Statement With Designer Shoes By: Ryan Bombard | Jul 8th 2006 – Shoes to feet what clothes are to the body? Shoes protect the feet and make it .fortable for us to walk on all grounds. Nowadays, they have taken on a different dimension that was not present in the olden times. The role is that of making a fashion statement. Custom-made designer shoes that match with the outfit you are w … Tags: Baby Wants – But Maybe Doesn"��t Need — New Shoes! (or "��the Psychology Of New Shoes"��) By: Michele Madsen | Jun 17th 2006 – No woman in her right mind would turn down a chance to go shopping for new shoes. Whether she has 1 pair or a 100, the lure of shopping for shoes is over powering. There just is no question about it, shoes are FUN! That is not to even mention the infinite outfit .binations we have even more FUN putting together as a resul … Tags: Do Golf Shoes Improve Your Game By: J. Brian Keith | May 1st 2006 – Should a golfer choose to forego golf shoes for another type of footwear, he or she should think about the type of shoe he or she wants to wear on the links. They should then examine the tread pattern on the bottom of the shoe. Tags: Why Bcbg Shoes Are Superior By: Donna Somerkin | Mar 24th 2006 – Remember that famous saying, "��all things aren"��t created equal?"�� Although you may not know it, the person uttering those famous words was talking about BCBG shoes. Typically, words like superior, best, and ultimate are batted about and they tend to lose their meaning, unless of course you are talking about BCBG shoes. … Tags: Why I Love Bcbg Shoes By: Donna Somerkin | Mar 24th 2006 – Let"��s face it: I"��ve been called everything from a footwear fanatic to a shoe sensation, just depending on the audience. I have an entire closet filled with shoes of every name brand and style, but the ones that get the extra special attention in their own storage boxes and shelves are my BCBG shoes. There has yet to be … Tags: Womens Designer Shoes – A Fashion Statement By: Trevor Mulholland | Jan 14th 2006 – We place quite a bit of importance on our shoes these days. At one time in the long ago past, shoes were meant to protect our feet. Today, they are made to make a statement! Tags: Large Size Womens Shoes – Impossible To Find By: Trevor Mulholland | Jan 14th 2006 – The chances are really good that if your shoe size is larger than an eight or a nine, you have a very hard time finding shoes. Large size womens shoes are just nearly impossible to find Tags: Womens Narrow Dress Shoes – Extremely Hard To Find By: Trevor Mulholland | Jan 13th 2006 – Womens narrow dress shoes are very hard to find. The problem is not that they are not made "�" manufacturers produce their shoes in all sizes and widths imaginable – the problem is that shoe stores simply don"��t order them, because there isn"��t a high enough demand for them Tags: Buying Men"��s Shoes For Fit And .fort By: James Hunt | Dec 23rd 2005 – When women shop for shoes they shop for design and style. When men shop of shoes they look for fit and .fort. Men"��s shoes are just as wide and varied as those shoes for women, and there is something to please everyone… Tags: Buying New And Exciting Women"��s Shoes By: James Hunt | Dec 23rd 2005 – If you"��re like every other woman out there you love shoes! Most of us can"��t walk by stores that sell women"��s shoes without wandering inside to see what"��s new on the shelves… Tags: Looking For Discount Shoes? By: Donald Yacono | Dec 19th 2005 – Shop Online For Terrific Deals On Popular Footwear! Smart consumers have discovered that purchasing discount shoes online has several major advantages. With more and more so-called "��brick and mortar"�� stores .peting online these days for business, the consumer .es out the clear winner! … Tags: .fort Shoes Vs. Stylish Shoes By: David Skul | Dec 8th 2005 – Shoes are made specially s a protection for our feet. Not only they keep us from sickness, it will also be able to make us look good. 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