Shenzhen Tong will disclose more details after the golden week is expected to a inflection point

Shenzhen Tong will disclose more details after the golden week of A shares is expected inflection point Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money not only lower the minimum of A shares yesterday continued to show a "dismal trend, like a pool of stagnant water" Shanghai refers to all day long only 16 point fluctuations, two the city of extreme shrinking turnover, the Shanghai stock market trading volume is reaching a 4 month low. It seems that the market has been ahead of the holidays into the state of rest. However, golden week is the end of Zai Chang. Yesterday, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange CEO Li Xiaojia said that in the next two days to announce details of the work to prepare the Shenzhen tong. From the big data over the years, the eleven golden week after the trend of A shares rose a lot, or even become a turning point possible. Golden week is approaching two days of trading volume shrinkage, A shares will be entered into the golden week holiday of up to 9 days off state. Yesterday, Shanghai refers to the continuation of the previous "chicken ribs" market, all the day before the closing point below the narrow range of fluctuation, only 16 points. The stock index fell slightly to 0.34% at the end of the day trading, reported 2987.86 points, 3000 points intraday mark. The two volume continued to shrink, the total turnover of 305 billion 200 million yuan, the Shanghai stock market turnover is reaching nearly 4 month low. The industry sector were mixed, hot lackluster market. For the broader market outlook, Galaxy Securities, said the market should pay attention to variables, cautious slow. Last week before the national day of the week, the market sentiment is low, the stock game pattern does not change. The U.S. presidential election and to raise interest rates during the year, the domestic real estate structural overheating, adding SDR, Shenzhen Tong Yuan, near a number of reform has entered a crucial stage, the domestic and foreign markets are more variable, uncertain disturbance factors. The lack of early rebound this week Liangnengpeihe, choose the downward adjustment, the stock index, the Shenzhen Component Index Test of half line support. We recommend investors to be cautious slow, can continue to focus on the downstream PPP theme, the consumer sector, the value of blue chip stocks. The source of capital said that at present the index is still running in the short-term downtrend, even after rebound is only due to the deviation caused by minute level. At present, the medium term, in a shock to grind at the end of the stage, is to pave the way for a rebound after the holiday. Even if a new low near 2950 points will form a strong support, but the amount can not effectively enlarged, the Bulls again launched a two counterattack need time. For the holiday effect caused by insufficient market turnover is normal, do not have to read too much decomposition. The operation of the proposed holding up, do not blindly opening. Shenzhen Tong or the next two days to disclose more details of the market have news yesterday has a very slightly lifted news. HKEx chief executive officer Li Xiaojia told reporters at the postal savings bank H-share listing ceremony, Shenzhen and Hong Kong through all the preparatory work is advancing in wildly beating gongs and drums will announce the details, the next one to two days, will let the brokerage and trading all ready, hope to be able to select a "at the beginning of November, there will be a lucky day" "to tell you". In addition, Li Xiaojia also said that Paul on相关的主题文章: