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Shaoguan women’s funds to the false pianbao acquaintances stolen police cracked down in one fell swoop Nanfang Daily News (reporter Bi Shiming correspondent Wu Ronghua Wu Xiaofei Chen Weilu) recently, a woman in Shaoguan by Alipay transfers, more than 30 thousand of his own money to acquaintances on account, Alipay was caused by fraudulent false alarm and indemnity, and defrauding insurance company. Shaoguan police after half a month of careful investigation, arrested the suspect liu. According to reports, this is Guangdong’s first Internet fraud case. In June 29th, Alipay received Guangdong Shaoguan user Liu report, the other said her Alipay has a $30 thousand transfer transaction expenses in the day, but she is not my operation. The insurance company, after the audit, the next day will be 30 thousand yuan of compensation into Liu’s account. However, when reviewing the case, the insurance company found the case questionable, and then reported it to the public security organs. The police found that the so-called "stolen" is likely to be Liu’s "from", because after three the sum of 10 thousand yuan of funds transferred, have occurred in the Liu on his mobile phone. Three transfers are transferred to the acquaintance of the bank account, in its claim to Alipay "stolen" after noon, Liu in a bank took the 30 thousand yuan in cash, the bank’s surveillance video, recorded Liu taking the whole process. Police through careful investigation, Liu captured. Police remind, pianbao is a criminal offence, the amount involved is especially huge or other especially serious circumstances, shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of 10 years or above in may.

韶关女子资金转给熟人谎报被盗骗保 警方一举破获   南方日报讯 (记者 毕式明 通讯员 吴荣华 吴小飞 陈伟路)近日,韶关一女子通过支付宝转账,将自己的3万多资金转到熟人账户上,造成支付宝被盗刷假象,然后报警并骗取保险公司的理赔款。韶关警方经过半个月的缜密侦查,抓获嫌疑人刘某。据介绍,这是广东省首例互联网骗保案。   6月29日,支付宝接到广东韶关用户刘某报案,对方称她的支付宝在当天有一笔3万元的转账交易支出,但并非她本人操作。保险公司在审核后,次日就将3万元的理赔款打入了刘某的账户。但是,保险公司在复核时,发现此案存在疑点,随即向公安机关报案。   警方发现,这笔所谓的“被盗”很可能是刘某的“自盗”,因为前后三笔1万元的资金转出,都发生在刘某自己的手机上。三次转账都转入其熟人的银行账户,在其宣称自己支付宝“被盗”后的当天中午,刘某在某银行取走了这笔3万元的现金,银行的监控录像,记录下了刘某取现的全过程。民警通过缜密侦查,将刘某抓获。   警方提醒,骗保是一种刑事犯罪行为,数额特别巨大或者有其他特别严重情节的,有期徒刑可能在10年以上。相关的主题文章: