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Shanxi — fam Tour (Buddha Temple, Mount Wutai) – Sohu tourism should be the first to speak of Mount Wutai, but in fact I did not mean to Taiwan area, only to the top of Bodhisattva is a hurried to the Buddha temple. Buddha Temple is located in the Taiwan area, in other words a person more than and 200 fee into the mountain waste. First of all, the Mount Wutai area is very beautiful, whether it is from the line into the mountain scenery is very good. The original appreciation after the Yingxian Wood Tower to the Mount Wutai, according to the navigation which is a county road, go up to find that this is a mountain, some cliffs and meadow with the scenery, walk around more than an hour, suddenly saw in front of a bus in turn, according to the driver said in front of peers, why not ask they turned down. Had no choice but to choose high-speed road. I drove to see a good hotel to stay, the hotel is near the north gate of the Mount Wutai distance. See the first review. So we went up the hill from the hotel to the north, around the top of Bodhisattva, and then went straight to the west gate, to the Buddha temple. We can see the scenery on the road. Then we speak directly to the Buddha Temple, because the distance from the Mount Wutai more than one hour, no tour back, compared with the huge crowds of people in Mount Wutai, here is very clean. The Buddha Temple has a long history in the Dunhuang murals visible on the 1937, Liang Sicheng and his wife Lin Whei-yin, with the Dunhuang frescoes in the "Mount Wutai" guidelines, from Taiyuan to Beijing by train, then transfer to the car to the five counties of the Dong Ye, and transfer the cart arrived in town, temple incense heyday avoid, small selection of Taiwan Temple remote district, found the quiet mountains of the Buddha Temple, also found the Buddha temple architecture of the Tang Dynasty, the Tang Dynasty sculpture, frescoes of the Tang dynasty…… When I went to a Mount Wutai monks also came to hide the quiet, a kind of touch with the tourists. Buddha temple hall is not tall, looks like normal, but it was China’s famous architect Liang Sicheng called "Chinese first David", because it broke the Japanese scholars assert that no Tang Dynasty and before the wood structure in China earth. Now the existing wooden structure China ranked second (after the first in Mount Wutai Nanzenji) is also home to the largest, the Tang Dynasty wooden architecture. The Buddha Temple is the most famous East Hall, is above the wooden structure, the Tang period murals, but now at the rear side of the enclosure to see. However, it seems that the current situation is not maintained, with a blunt way to retain the structure of the collapse of the wood, but these ways to fill the wood structure looks like the lack of clever. There are several articles on the structure of the introduction of Liang Sicheng, interested in visible. The East Hall of the Tang Dynasty stone 2 East Hall left 1 hexagonal pagoda, a tower founder, was created when Jackson hosted muta. The two storey tower, a total of more than 12 meters high tower, for the domestic rare. The bottom of the hollow, with six corner chambers, openings outside the lotus and flame shaped face, tower eaves corbel masonry. The upper tower coupons hole type door and false broken window. The tower is located on the lotus.相关的主题文章: