Shangrao county level cadres were double 9 yuan fee for accepting illegal

Shangrao county level cadres were double accepting illegal costs 9 yuan more for Jiangxi’s new anti-corruption news "I help households for the reconstruction of indicators, they give me the meaning of what it should be. It is this wrong idea, let me step by step into the abyss of violation of law……" In September 22nd, the face of the decision, Shangrao county Party committee, and Guzhen armed minister Xu Guochun tears. In mid August this year, Shangrao County Commission for Discipline Inspection, Xu Guochun received the masses of illegal cash in reconstruction funds JuBaoXin, Shangrao County Commission for Discipline Inspection and immediately dispatched elite forces, the composition of the investigation team preliminary investigation at the beginning of the nucleus. The investigation, from June 2010 to July 2016, Xu Guochun served as Minister of Zaotou town of Shangrao county Party committee, armed forces, in charge of reclamation reconstruction work. At the beginning of 2013, the county forestry bureau to Zaotou town in reclamation area reconstruction grants object unified production archives (a stall) and government aided sign. Xu Guochun found it profitable, the village does not agree with the unified label grounds, this business will embrace to the town. Subsequently, Xu Guochun instructed the village to collect the cleaning fees on behalf of illegal charge 532 households reconstruction households 200 yuan per household as archives and government aided sign cost. All of this money is kept by Xu Guochun. Zaotou town Party committee leaders when he was informed of the situation, to find Xu Guochun admonishing remarks and ordered it to be overcharged money refunded to the masses. After that, Xu Guochun illegal collection of funds all back. However, the thought of cooked duck and fly, Xu Xin heart unwilling. In October 2014, he found an advertising company, to discuss each sign 52 yuan cost 140 yuan each, making false invoices, cash funds 57544 yuan. In 2015, he was in the same way, taking 18304 yuan of funds. The survey found that Xu Guochun also used his position to facilitate the reconstruction process in the distribution of indicators, as do not meet the conditions of the family arrangement index, has received another thanks to cost more than 9 yuan. In September 22nd, the Shangrao County Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Standing Committee, and report to the Shangrao county Party Committee Standing Committee agreed, decided to give Xu Guochun expelled from the party, dismissed the Huang Guzhen Party committee, armed minister post, suspected violations of the law have been transferred to judicial organs for investigation and treatment.相关的主题文章: