Shanghe man murder fled 20 years pipansihuan during which was also due to prison for

Shanghe man murder fled 20 years pipansihuan during which was also due to prison for rape in Shanghe county and village villager Liu fellow.he Lee affair, the thing is exposed by her husband, Wang beat, gourmets resentment, then borrow electricity kill Wang die. Recently, the Ji’nan intermediate people’s court public hearing this from intentional homicide and sentenced 20 years Liu fled to death, suspended for two years. According to the prosecution allegations, before the incident, the defendant Liu Mouceng and the victim’s wife, Lee’s wife, Wang Hua had a bad relationship between men and women. Liu even Lee elope once, two people went to Xinjiang, spent half a year. Six months later, the two returned to his hometown in Shanghe, each home. People are coming back, can not make a big thing, was wearing a "cuckold" Wang would not let go? According to the defendant confessed Liu, Wang and his family will beat him, was hit several days can not bed. Since then, the two beams as more deep. Liu said that Wang’s family bursts will come to his home at a field, but Wang is holding a shotgun, claiming to kill him. In a constant state of anxiety, when electrician Liu decided to do two endlessly, simply pre emptive, electricity to kill wang. April 5, 1995, Liu quietly two wires, riding on another villager’s home line, set the trap". 7 evening, defenseless Wang was passing through here, in the dark Liu wire stabbed forehead, instantly fell to the ground. Wang found not breathing, Liu hurriedly dragged the body next to a village idle courtyard, buried in a deep pit. Late at night, after coming home Liu touch into the mother’s room, and the mother of a simple dialogue, they embarked on the road to escape. And Wang’s body was found 3 months after the incident, the local police investigation immediately, Liu will be listed as a major suspect. 2011, in the net action, the police extracted Liu family’s DNA storage. 2015, more than and 60 year old Liu in Xinjiang with a false name to the account, the local police than found, then contact the police in Shanghe. Shanghe police by DNA comparison, confirm that the person is a fugitive Liu, and Liu arrested, this pile of dust laden for more than 20 years old cases surfaced again. Even more surprising is that, in 2004, Liu fled Xinjiang period was also found guilty of rape was sentenced to 6 years in prison, he was released in 2009. In October 26th, the Ji’nan intermediate people’s Court of first instance held that the defendant Liu guilty of intentional homicide and sentenced Liu to death, suspended for two years.相关的主题文章: