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Shanghai match Ding Junhui 10-6 revenge after three years and then won the champion of the success of the Revenge of the Revenge of Selby, Mr.! Sina sports Beijing time on the evening of September 25th, the 2016 Shanghai Masters Snooker Tournament ended the game, in the final stage of the finals, Ding Junhui played well, with a 10-6 win over Mark Selby, won the championship game, Ding Junhui hit a 1 century and 7 single rod 50+, at the same time, he also became the master of Shanghai match ten years only one won two champions. Since 2014 after the Chinese race, Ding Junhui after a lapse of 29 months and then won the championship rankings, but also his career in the top twelfth. Shanghai finals Ding Junhui 1-3 after the first phase of Lianban 5 6-3 Selby night is the second phase of the final, the first phase of the Ding Junhui 6-3 lead, at the beginning of the game, Selby was picked up after the adjustment, continuous hit a single shot 76 points and a single shot 102 points two pole zero closure opponents, even pull the two will Zhuizhi the score 5-6. Twelfth and Selby first started, scored 44 points after the situation is not conducive to the attack, then transferred to the defense, after several rounds of attempt to attack Ding Junhui missed, Selby thin into the red ball at the bottom of the bag and start again, a single shot 53 points over the win, as a result, Ding Junhui has three consecutive innings without scoring, Searl is chasing three scores will be the two sides had returned to the same starting line. The thirteenth game of Ding Junhui after kicking DELL than ball bottom defense, Ding Junhui fight into the great red point at the bottom of the bag, then scored the yellow ball called far red, a static rod leading to the interruption of attack, Selby also failed to seize the opportunity to attack Ding Junhui after Selby storm defensive mistakes, missed, leaving a great opportunity, Ding Junhui started a single shot 97 minutes ahead again, the score to 7-6. Fourteenth Selby is still Ding Junhui suppressed, Ding Junhui first achieved 46 points after the defense to find opportunities to hit a single shot 52 points, single round sealed the opponent will expand the score to 8-6, with the two leading. The fifteenth game, Selby defense storm red at the bottom of the bag into the bag, the ball eat to the non expected position angle. The opportunity to leave, Ding Junhui started, scored 17 points after losing a ball into the defensive competition, Searl into the red ball to chase a 15-17 attack after the interruption, the two sides into a defensive stand, the Bureau in Ding Junhui find the opportunity to get started after a single shot 63 points to win, the score became 9-6, Ding Junhui got the match point, only one step away from the championship. Sixteenth, after kicking Ding Junhui erratic, very fierce fight a ball ball scored, but did not get the ball, then the defense, Selby seems to be affected, and the style is also very fierce storm to be quite different, the red ball, left after missed opportunity, Ding Junhui certainly can not let go, when a single rod scored 46 points, but on the offensive ball at the bottom of the bag after simple mistakes in good situation to the opponent, under the pressure of Selby unexpected failure, Ding Junhui has started 60-1, Selby did not give up, a red color after use finally scored a red Snoke for a number of rounds played many wonderful Snoke settlement ball, final)相关的主题文章: