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Shanghai electronic police capture car mobile phone next to eat will be fined explanation: a driver in the car when the mobile phone is "electronic police capture" become the basis for punishment. The police for map Oriental Network reporter Xu Cheng reported on August 25th: reporters today from the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Corps learned that from now on, "fixed electronic police" Shanghai started illegal capture calls dialing a handheld phone while driving. It is reported that the future based on the popularity of HD monitoring equipment, in addition to talking on the phone while driving, not wearing a seatbelt, eating, micro channel impede safe driving violations, will be gradually incorporated into the category of non site enforcement, "electronic police capture become the basis for punishment. According to the traffic police department, will continue with road traffic violations of non site enforcement deterrence, especially for "driving call answering handheld phone" seriously hinder safe driving illegal acts to intensify the crackdown. The existing video image recognition analysis, search and other advanced technology by means of science and Technology Department of Traffic Police Corps, upgrading of Shanghai’s fixed electronic police equipment function, has been achieved on the "driving call answering handheld phone" illegal capture. According to statistics, as of now, has been successful in this way than to capture the nearly 500 violations, artificial audit in the legitimacy of the illegal data after these violations will be illegal traffic input processing system. According to regulations, such violations will be punishable by 2 points, a fine of $200 penalty. For the public concern about the use of Bluetooth devices called will capture, the traffic police department to respond. According to the opinion that road traffic violations and guide the Ministry of Public Security Traffic Management Bureau issued the "2013" (a) (bus duct (2013) No. 128): clear the driver in the driving process by hand-held operating mobile phone calls or text messages, watch video, mobile phone software hand machine operation situation that is, driving a motor vehicle has a call, answer the phone for illegal acts; drivers using hands-free car phone, mobile phone or headset hands-free calls and does not affect the safety, do not answer the phone call, identified as illegal behavior. That is to say, using Bluetooth instead of the hand-held answering phone calls, not in the capture range. At present, with capture "driving answer when dialing a handheld phone" the function of Shanghai on the road of fixed electronic police equipment about 70 units, mainly in the part of the highway, city road and Chenhai highway, Huqingping highway and other key sections. It is understood that the traffic police department will be based on the actual situation of other electronic police equipment gradually upgrade, to further expand the capture range. Editor: Sun Ailin SN146相关的主题文章: