Shandong announced the look back rectification report reflecting the incident and the Pingyi Pingdu -avbox

Shandong announced the "look back" rectification report: reflection events and events – Pingyi Pingdu Beijing, Shandong provincial Party Committee on patrol "look back" the rectification of the briefing according to the central deployment, from February 28, 2016 to April 28th, the central third inspection teams to Shandong province to carry out the inspection to "look back". May 31st, the central inspection teams to Shandong feedback patrol back view. According to the relevant provisions of the Chinese Communist party inspection regulations, inspection and rectification will be released. First, in-depth study and implement the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech, effectively enhance the ideological consciousness and political consciousness inspection action central rectification inspection teams noted that Shandong province is weakening, the leadership of the party in the construction of the party, lack of outstanding problems in comprehensive strictly ineffective aspects, objective and impartial, deep sharp, to the point, complies with the actual situation in Shandong. The central inspection teams pointed out that the provincial Party committee sincere acceptance, profound analysis, and resolutely rectification of the views of the central inspection team made the request, the provincial Party committee to seriously understand, fully implement, resolutely implement. Provincial Party committee adhere to the rectification of the rectification as a serious political task, with a resolute attitude and measures to implement the requirements of political inspections to ensure that the rectification task to achieve solid results. One is to strengthen the study to deepen understanding, the idea and action of a high degree of unity to the central deployment requirements. The central inspection group feedback on the second day, the provincial Party committee held a meeting of the Standing Committee, the general secretary Xi Jinping learning to convey the spirit of the important speech on patrol work, learning and feedback from the central inspection teams and the central inspection work leading group on the leading speech of the deployment of the implementation of the rectification work. Clearly, the grasp patrol rectification of the province at all levels of Party organizations and leading cadres of the party politics, party consciousness, the "Four Consciousness" major test and practical test, is the embodiment and practical action to abide by the party’s political discipline politics, must attach great importance to, to wake up, with a strong political consciousness and the spirit of play, increase the rectification efforts to promote and ensure that all necessary rectification, each piece is nowhere to be found. Provincial Party organizations at all levels should conscientiously study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping important speech on patrol work spirit and the central deployment requirements, combined to carry out the "two a" learning education, combine study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping’s "71" speech, and enhance political awareness, overall awareness, awareness, awareness of the core line, more consciously to Xi Jinping as general secretary of the party central line, line to the party’s theory, route and policy to the central major decisions and arrangements in line for rectification and reform implementation and lay a solid ideological foundation. Two is to strengthen the organization and leadership, to promote the implementation of the main responsibility for rectification. The main responsibility for rectification as the overall strictly responsibility, establish leadership and coordination mechanism to promote, layers of conductive pressure, resolutely and thoroughly grasp rectification. Provincial Party committee was established to implement the rectification work leading group, party secretary Jiang Yikang as leader, deputy secretary of provincial Party committee, deputy secretary of the provincial governor Guo Shuqing and Gong Zhengren deputy head of the Provincial Standing Committee members under the other, strengthen the leadership of the party, strengthen the construction of the party strictly, comprehensive implementation Central eight provisions of the spirit of strengthening the style construction of 3 special teams. A.相关的主题文章: