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Seven Tian baby life’s first charity class, the public on the way you and I peer – Sohu maternal and child charity on the road I go hand in hand with you, with seven fields together for the children of the western mountains love. For the growth of living in the city, the children go to school, read books, go to the children’s Park, wear Nike, travel abroad may be more common but exist, but not out of school for children of the mountains, and read good books that may be the most precious gift of life. Reading can open the mountain children’s horizons, can take them to see the wonderful universe of 1,000,000,000 universes in the book, you can open a door of his heart, may affect his life." Charity since childhood, each baby is a small philanthropist. < Tian Tian real baby’s first charity class > by China seven Tian really international education parent company can think of the education group’s think aid fund and seven Tian really National City teaching center jointly organized. In October, Nanada Makoku started to carry out the education "in the name of love" as the theme of the < in the Chinese city center; seven Tian really baby’s first lesson in philanthropy > charitable activities. Since the release of the event, received a lot of enthusiastic participation of the family. The event was held in the form of Thanksgiving charity reception. In the event, we see not only can see the baby smiles and enthusiasm! More to see is a belief! Little friends are actively involved in the campaign, hoping to help power the power of the mountains through their own children, let us for the "small" charity philanthropist sincere salute! Bang Bang Da ~ seven Dr. Tian Zhen founded in 1958 seven "Tian preschool education law", the personality education as the goal, and not as gifted education or gifted education as the goal. In order to cultivate children have a caring, full of love and enthusiasm of the heart. In seven Mr really old Mr right brain education is the soul of education, but to cultivate "smart" children is not enough, the child’s "spirit" quality is the most important. The thought education fund launching ceremony "thought" by the seven fund Chinese Tian Zhen parent group thought education group founded in 2009 at the beginning of the first time launched the project. For support, excellent in character and learning the students from poor families. In the past 7 years, has funded Shaanxi Zhang Jia Gang primary school and Yangling middle school more than 300 students to complete their studies. CEO Mr. Ma Siyan with recipients students early heart charity, all for children’s education. Poverty is behind the education of poor students, there is no decent bag, no fancy stationery, only the basic textbook reader is simple. Their eyes revealed a shy, curious, look forward to…… And in the past seven years, seven Tian really many employees went to Shaanxi Yangling, and brought the student section for children, stationery, books, books, seven Tian Zhen products……. Communicate with the children of the most important spiritual interaction, through the < baby life first charity class > public service activities, the child’s mind is powerful. Mr. Ma Long Siyan to communicate with students more public welfare activities)相关的主题文章: