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The service outsourcing industry scale   expanded to hundreds of billions of dollars — Finance — original title: informed of the service outsourcing industry expanded to hundreds of billions of dollars of "Economic Reference News" reporter 11 from the Ministry of international trade and Economic Cooperation Research Institute and the Nanjing Municipal People’s Government jointly organized the "2016 global outsourcing conference, China’s service the outsourcing industry has expanded to the size of hundreds of billions of dollars, of which the offshore outsourcing business execution amount from $1 billion 380 million in 2006 quickly expanded to $64 billion 640 million in 2015, became the global service outsourcing country. Thanks to the further promotion of service globalization and the development of China’s service industry, China’s service outsourcing is entering a new golden age of development. According to the Ministry of Commerce statistics, in the first half of this year, Chinese enterprises signed service outsourcing contract amount of 506 billion 990 million yuan, the implementation of the amount of 305 billion 650 million yuan, an increase of 39.6% and 13% respectively. Among them, the offshore service outsourcing contract amount of 358 billion 210 million yuan, the implementation of the amount of 196 billion 120 million yuan, an increase of 55.2% and 9.7%, respectively. Gu Xueming, Dean of the Research Institute of the Ministry of Commerce, pointed out that in recent years, with the deepening of economic globalization, the opening up of service industry has become the focus of international economic cooperation competition, and service trade and service outsourcing have received widespread attention. Especially, under the promotion of a new round of technological revolution and the industrial revolution, the rapid rise of the digital economy, sharing economy, professional services and outsourcing and forward, service innovation and value creation ability unceasingly strengthens, the prospects for the development of service trade and service outsourcing, vast potential. According to the calculation, in 2015, China’s service outsourcing industry led to the growth of GDP percentage points of 0.56 percentage points; the proportion of industrial scale added to the service sector increased to 7.1%, and the contribution to the service industry growth was about 13.6%. (: Sun Yang, commissioning editor Yang Xi) 服务外包产业规模 扩至千亿美元–财经–人民网 原标题:服务外包产业规模 扩至千亿美元   《经济参考报》记者11日从商务部国际贸易经济合作研究院和南京市人民政府共同主办的“2016全球服务外包大会”上获悉,我国服务外包产业规模已扩张至千亿美元,其中承接离岸服务外包业务执行金额由2006年的13.8亿美元迅速扩张到2015年的646.4亿美元,一跃成为全球服务外包大国。得益于服务业全球化的深入推进和我国服务业的发展,我国服务外包正进入发展的新黄金期。   据商务部统计,今年上半年,中国企业签订服务外包合同金额5069.9亿元人民币,执行金额3056.5亿元人民币,同比分别增长39.6%和13%。其中,离岸服务外包合同金额3582.1亿元,执行金额1961.2亿元,同比分别增长55.2%和9.7%。   商务部研究院院长顾学明指出,近年来,伴随着经济全球化深入推进,服务业开放发展成为国际经济合作竞争的焦点议题,服务贸易与服务外包受到普遍重视。特别是,在新一轮科技革命和产业变革推动下,数字经济、分享经济快速兴起,服务专业化和外包化并举前行,服务创新和价值创造能力不断增强,服务贸易与服务外包发展前景广阔、潜力巨大。   据测算,2015年我国服务外包产业拉动国内生产总值(GDP)0.56个百分点的增长;产业规模占服务业增加值比重提高至7.1%,对服务业增长的贡献约为13.6%。 (责编:孙阳、杨曦)相关的主题文章: