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[] Seoul Luneng horizon regrets revenge deposit [collection] Seoul qualify for a slim chance of survival 3-1 Luneng shot Monti world wave Stankovic Luneng home court and hope? Tencent sports August 31st hearing 1 to 3, Shandong Luneng ultimately did not complete the Revenge of the Seoul FC, with a failure to return to Ji’nan. After this war, Luneng promotion prospects have been four AFC Champions League is not optimistic, it also proved once again that, while sitting on a few big players Luneng, but from the real Asia’s top teams, there is still not a small gap. Of course, Luneng is not harvest, can achieve a goal in the away game, Luneng had been disappointed in the hope that they will do now, is to consider how to put this away goal to maximize the role of play. Can not break the koreaphobia even lost to Seoul FC, but must admit, Luneng recently a good situation, and even can be said that they are in the best moment of the season, which is why many people before will be expected of them away upset the reason. However, the desire is good, but the reality is cruel. After the defeat, Luneng is still bogged down in the "konghan" whirlpool unable to escape. In history, when the team in the face of the South Korean team’s dismal record has no need to talk about, in fact, 7 years ago, they had won a Seoul FC, which is also a long time on the Korean Luneng long victory on the road. Today, 7 years later, the opponent or the opponent, but can not relive the dream again luneng. After this war, Seoul FC, the Luneng relatively well like opponents, but also the same as the modern North, Luneng has become insurmountable mountain. In today’s Chinese football, "konghan" seems somewhat outdated, because in addition to China Orangemen, at club level, Hengda, Hong Kong and other national security team, had "no fear" in the South Korean team, AFC Champions League also repeatedly staged beat play; not only to get rid of the konghan. Luneng. Luneng why so afraid of the Korean team? I’m afraid there is no answer to this question. We only know that if this year’s Luneng can not achieve a breakthrough in the Korean people, then the next revenge, I do not know when to wait. Thus there is still a gap between distance if you put aside the "konghan" subjective destiny argument, Luneng will be lost to Seoul FC, because after all two words: strength. In fact, to some extent, compared with Luneng’s early season form has been significantly improved, so they can in the Super League after the half as changeable as clouds and rain. However, the AFC Champions League stadium, when faced with the most stable in recent years AFC Champions League record one of the team, the strength of the gap between the real Asian top team Luneng distance, is the real reflection. From this point of view, Seoul is a touchstone luneng. 8, AFC Champions League scored two game winning streak in the super finish away, this does not mean that the Luneng embarked on a broad road. The pellet as an example, we might have said Luneng one of the best in Asia Center, but in front of Stankovic, Paley still is not the "best" one; we have advocated the combination of satellite Luneng in Asia has the strongest, but the fact is, Gil and the two Brazil international Ruxilai even De Yang are anti no)相关的主题文章: