Senior students to help people brush single cheated 24 thousand repeat orders to buy goods sales-dingxiangwuyuetian

Senior people scalping cheated 24 thousand repeated orders to buy goods sales – Beijing, Wuhan evening news (reporter Shi Wei) believe "brush money" senior to this semester’s tuition and living expenses totaling 24 thousand yuan brush disappeared". Song is a senior college students in Wuhan, is currently practicing. This semester is going to graduate internship, need to rent their own house, intends to find a part-time job to earn some money to subsidize life." Song said that during the summer vacation, she saw a post on micro-blog is recruiting part-time brush. In September 1st the school not school she went to school, then get in touch with each other, the so-called scalper, is specialized in online shopping mall to buy a single repeat shop goods, and businesses are then paid back to the buyer, is actually not sales, but also for taking home sales data washed up. Around 9 o’clock in the evening, the Song Dynasty in the other designated shopping mall to buy a $121 of goods, a few minutes later on the direction of her refund of $126, song received a reward of $5. "The other side told me that in order to obtain higher returns, it is necessary to buy more products. I bought more than and 600 things, but he didn’t give me the money back on time. Said my purchase is not enough, you need to buy." Xiao Song said that the other party has the company regulations, financial requirements and other reasons, so she continued to order payment. Song has several times to the other side of the transfer, amounting to 24 thousand yuan, of which $10 thousand was borrowed from her friends. I let the other side to give me a refund, they said that the task was not completed, asked to continue to buy 200 products, otherwise they can not refund the company’s requirements. That’s why I suspect they’re liars." Xiao Song said, police station rushed to the scene, see the chat, also call each other’s phone, the other on the phone or that "because she did not complete the task orders, no way to give her money back". Xiao Song said that the 24 thousand yuan this year, including her tuition fees and all the living expenses of this semester, after school fees from the school to do the loan, he cried for two times, and now did not dare to say to the family. "I find that micro-blog blogger asked about the situation, he said his micro-blog had been hacking, the content of what he himself does not understand." Song said that the alarm has been no progress. According to the telephone provided by the song, the reporter tried to contact the merchant, the number shows the territory of Shanghai, but has been in a shutdown state.相关的主题文章: