See light suddenly! Buddha said you tried hard to practice but not because of it douke

See light suddenly! The Buddha said that you work hard to practice but no effect because it is in confession (source: Phoenix Buddhism) [original classic] if the post apocalyptic blunt root beings, heart desires, no success, by past karma, when Qin repentance; often hope, hatred and love, and first off the Du, crooked, win on the heart. – "Yuanjue Jing" [] "if the post apocalyptic interpretation of Buddhist eschatology with blunt root sentient beings, Mahayana of beings, a root, root, root. We have Mahayana root, root machine is our root blunt. "The heart desires, not achievement", want to repair itself, samattha, want to repair the static, static to come. To fix the three friction bowl, it is to be constantly reminded. Think that meditation, take the concept of number, number of interest or not, not, this is the root machine slow inferior root machine. If I want to repair the Mahayana view, certain Mahayana has good roots, how can I repair is not successful? Tell you why: "from the past karma, when Qin confession", not only twenty-one days every day you have to repent, repent, past bad karma to you to how many obstacles, bad karma? "May the goods" said Samantabhadra, bad karma formless, assuming there is no capacity as void forms. How to create so much evil? Because the time is too long, since the beginning of the time when the sentient beings to create evil industry, when the time of the living for a long time, of course, much evil industry, you have to seek repentance. "Hope", don’t give up hope, do not think that their karma is too heavy, with the function of the heart is not good, back. You need to know: practice hard, can only go forward, not back. You back to where? You are not a man to do? No beginning when man, as I have it? Hope not to have a rest. "First off, jealousy, hatred and love Du crooked, hard to win." You must first break trouble, the most fundamental is the trouble, hatred and love. Meet adversity, do not meet the good, don’t love hate. People than I am good to see, don’t play Du jealous, jealous heart is not resistant to Du he Rongsheng up, people have pride, I don’t envy Du; others more than me, I don’t envy Du. I don’t crooked, not to curry favor with the people. These troubles you are broken, but also to win, and to repair the net view, must become a buddha. (source mage solution) [introduction] "by" classical Yuanjue, Tang – kasmira Salmonella Buddha DORO translation, named "Ogata Hirodo" is the meaning of the Sutra, since the Tang, song and Ming (Yin song, teach, the prevalence of Tiantai) Zen classic assembly. The main content is to answer Shakya Muni Buddha Manjusri, Samantabhadra Bodhisattva, Bodhisattva, King Kong Pu eye Tibet Bodhisattva, Bodhisattva, Bodhisattva, the pure Hui Maitreya Bodhisattva, Wade argue sound Bodhisattva, Bodhisattva, the net karma pujue Bodhisattva, Buddha and Bodhisattva Yuanjue Yin on the first practice Bodhisattva questions, and to long in order to form said Xuan wonderful principle and method of the Tathagata yuanjue. In the "energy-saving" was listed in the "repair rauzan Mahayana", after the Ministry of revenue kegon.相关的主题文章: