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Beijing secret Li Qingzhao’s home life – Hou Lei Li Qingzhao’s many masterpieces, such as "yijianmei? Fragrant red lotus fall and float", "wild goose? Rattan bed sleep up" toward the paper account, are written in her later years, when Zhao Mingcheng had died, Zhang Ruzhou things in the past, she also the old man is, to thoroughly forget, everything was quiet, calm. And then, her words are more and more skilled in the description of daily life, give us a lot about the detailed records of life in the song dynasty. "Yijianmei? Fragrant red lotus fall and float" in the line, is a kind of Acacia half Que ", two xianchou" and "only under the brow, but on my mind." And was left out of the first sentence of "fragrant red lotus fall and float" is also very interesting. Especially the "change autumn jade bamboo mat" three words rhyme, also called "yijianmei?" to "autumn jade bamboo mat, bamboo mat" (dian4) the word left a reputation. "Dian" seems difficult to write, not commonly used, it is very common, is made of bamboo mat. When no chair, people sit on the floor — sitting on the mat. Guanning and Huaxin people of the Han Dynasty books together, because the gold Quach guanning smile on the plane to plane, and because he ran out to see the passing car, from sitting mats to john. This shows that the Han Dynasty people sitting mats, also shows that the ancient mat is a whole lot. Sung what they think are sophisticated, Hunan is the best seats, bamboo mats do best. Bamboo bamboo is. The legend of Emperor Shun two concubines, Ehuang nvying, died in nine in Shun Yi mountain, continuous cry for nine days and nights, crying in the local bamboo have tear stains, it is mottled bamboo. Bamboo is good in Hunan, and Hubei is pretty good. Huang Kan’s hometown of Hubei Qichun area is also made of bamboo, bamboo called qi. Bamboo for ornamental, Qi for bamboo flute, more be nothing difficult mat. In the "wild goose? Rattan bed paper account in the word" sleep up toward the upper half, que is: "rattan bed paper account toward sleep up. Do not say no, just. Shen Xiang intermittent jade furnace cold, with my feelings such as water. Flute in San Nong, Mei heart broken, how many spring." Written words in the bed, Teng paper account and incense, are ancient home furnishings, we painted a picture of the interior decoration figure. The home furnishings often change, whether the house furniture, wall paintings, house furnishings, all according to seasonal, holiday, visitor identity at any time mobile display, expressed his opinions on furnishings. Unlike now, a picture hanging on the wall is not fixed, there is a lot to scroll, ready to hang a holiday. Rattan bed is lightweight single bed Tengzi series, similar to today’s steel wire bed; paper account is not incense is popular in Luozhang, literati, with the hard cocoon paper. In the Song Dynasty Lin Hong "clear mountain home thing" a book "plum paper account entry Description:" in the column, the bed around the hanging bottle, inserted a few sticks of plum; after the bed board design, reliable to clear the corner of the bed sit; Anzhu bookcase, bed in front of incense; a generous head top bed on the cover of accounting with white mulberry." The description of Li Qingzhao’s words, as well as the plum blossom in her words, is not only a sign of her own, but also a show of her own.相关的主题文章: