Secret eleven mysterious passenger passenger including crops, seeds, etc. polartec

The mysterious secret passenger Shenzhou Eleven: including crops, medicinal seeds and other new network – in October 17th, astronaut Jing Haipeng Chen Dong, driving the Shenzhou eleven manned spacecraft flight to the moon. After 33 days in orbit, return smoothly to 18 this month, and brought back to the heavenly palace two and Shenzhou eleven equipped with related articles. Yesterday afternoon, the China Manned Space Engineering Office and China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation held in Beijing Shenzhou eleven spacecraft re-entry capsule opening ceremony. What are these "mysterious passengers" on board? Together to understand! Shenzhou eleven carrying items varied from 3 pm, opening ceremony began. With the opening of the instructions issued by the cabin, the staff to open the cabin key to return to the cabin, take out the items and carry out the transfer. The staff is opening the transfer of the carrying items, both aboard the Shenzhou eleven spacecraft flight 33 days of goods, also follow Tiangong two space flight Laboratory for 66 days, from the Shenzhou eleven astronauts brought back the goods. Including: General Hospital of PLA microbial samples with transition space; design of middle school students in Hongkong is equipped with space lab products — the cocoon and water film; Yunnan, Ningxia and Shaanxi with characteristics of crops and medicinal herbs seeds and seedlings, Tibet and Shandong with the memorial hada, Weifang kite etc.. The staff is handed over to the cabin carrying items ceremony also demonstrated by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, with outstanding volunteer representatives embroidered China youth volunteers flag. Why carry these things into space? Shenzhou eleven carrying items can be described as a variety of things, why do you want to take these things into space? The Xue Gang to CCTV reporters about carrying wolfberry Deputy Secretary General of the the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region space government chairman Xue Gang told CCTV reporters, as occurred after the Chinese wolfberry seeds in the variation of space travel for a period of time, so the seeds back to the breeding of great significance. Equipped with the Shenzhou eleven on Cocoon Hongkong Productivity Council president Deng Biyi also said that the Shenzhou eleven equipped with cocoon space experiments proved that in microgravity on silkworm silk is influential, we have the Overland Silk Road, maritime Silk Road, and now there is a space of the Silk Road this is very meaningful. A Mr Deng Biyi told CCTV reporters in China’s manned space has entered the new stage of the development of application of Temple No. two is China’s first truly laboratory space, the eleven manned spacecraft Shenzhou two astronauts in Tiangong two in the successful completion of the task, also marks the Chinese manned space has entered a new stage of application development. The Yang Liwei told CCTV reporters, deputy director of the manned space Chinese office Yang Liwei said, now the chance to fly in space with practice, has provided a platform for a variety of scientific experiments, with the construction of China’s space station, there will be more such things for human services, for our country’s economic construction and people’s health service.相关的主题文章: