Save 50n Food Safety Training With Grouplearner-sopor aeternus

Food-and-Drink One .pany trading under GroupLearner"" has recently brought to market their unique cost saving training solution for .panies in the manufacturing, retail and catering industries. The GroupLearner"" solution enables .panies to save 50% on the traditional cost of food safety training by .bines City and Guilds accredited courseware along with a unique keypad training system to enable organisations to train and assess 100"s of people in a very short space of time. The GroupLearner"" solution en.passes a number of simple steps. The first step involved is that a group of trainees are brought together (up to 100 at a time) in one location. These trainees are then shown the GroupLearner"" training accredited courseware and they use the GroupLearner"" keypads to answer the assessment questions. An assessment record for every trainee is stored within the GroupLearner"" system which means that .panies can access reports on each individual trainee and generate certificates at the click of a button. GroupLearner"" not only trains large volumes of people quickly and cost effectively but the GroupLearner"" system enables .panies to keep their staff trained in the event of staff turnover which can not be avoided. The GroupLearner"" management system enables employers to track and record all employees that leave the organisation, new employees that are recruited and those that move positions within the organisation. This then ensures that all the correct people are trained in the correct disciplines all of the time and are .pliant within industry for auditing purposes. GroupLearner"" partners with leading courseware suppliers making a large amount of courseware available. Users can chose from Food Safety Levels 1 and 2 in Manufacturing, Retail and Catering. They also have Health and Safety for Food Workers Level 2. All these courses are accredited by City and Guilds and can be .pleted in less than 2 hours. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: