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Russian media: Russian "ansat" helicopter first foreign buyers into data figure: Russia or China signed before the end of heavy helicopter design contract Reference News Network reported on November 3rd Russian media said the Russian helicopter company and the Wuhan Rand Aviation Technical Services Ltd. signed in November 1st for "ansat" card, -32, m -171 helicopters and buy 13 helicopter option contract. Therefore, in order to "China ansat" medical helicopter at the same time, has become the first foreign buyers to purchase the helicopter. According to the Russian satellite news network quoted the Russian news agency reported on November 1st, the signing of the contract in China during the show, Russia signed the contract as the deputy general manager of the Russian helicopter company Alexander · Sher Binning, the Chinese President Liang Jian for the Wuhan Rand aviation technical services ltd.. Wuhan Rand Aviation Technology Service Co. Ltd. order 2 "ansat" light medical helicopters, 2 meter -171, 1 card -32 helicopters, and buy 13 helicopters (3 card -32, 4 meter -171 and 6 "ansat" option). The first supply will be in 2017, and plans to be completed before the end of 2018. According to the Russian helicopter company leadership that will soon be with another Chinese signed a supply contract "ansat" helicopter. Multifunctional light twin engine "ansat" helicopter can carry 1300 kilograms of supplies in the cabin, and can quickly transform the cabin. The Russian satellite news network November 1st reported that Russian Helicopter Holding Company general manager Alexander · Mikheyev told reporters that the two countries signed a joint plan in the design of heavy helicopter contract within the next two months. He said in a Chinese airshow: "we are going to the end of the discussion, I hope soon to sign a contract in the Russian heavy helicopter design, hope that the talks will be at the end of the next one or two months." Russian Helicopter Holding Company and China Aviation Industry Corp (AVIC) on May 2016 signed a new heavy helicopter project cooperation framework agreement. China’s demand for the new helicopter in 2040 or more than 200. The take-off weight of the helicopter will reach 38 tons, and can be used in hot weather, mountains and any conditions.相关的主题文章: