Rosamund Kwan is 54 years old to find a partner Cheryl admit will be

Rosamund Kwan is 54 years old to find a partner Cheryl will admit naked Rosamund Kwan (left) to wear their pajamas design show, won the best friend Cheryl (right) appeared to support Beijing on September 10th news, according to Hongkong media reports, Rosamund Kwan [micro-blog] for the first time by the designer and brand identity by cooperation, design fashion pajamas. Rosamund Kwan claimed to be "pajamas crazy", favorite pajamas. Last night, she led the mold for children to call finale fashion show pajamas, fashion style. September 24th is the birthday of Rosamund Kwan 54 years old, she revealed that the birthday wish is to find a partner, and now she is busy working without love. Rosamund Kwan himself took a promotional video interpretation of their own design, but also show only 3 months of study did add to the fun, the film in the fashion show. From the primary school with Rosamund Kwan recently claimed to learn to play the drums play addictive, playing a musical instrument that can cultivate temperament, but I was not living as a singer, not happy to rely on drums to vent their emotions, said there is a happy life. She wants to share her personal Life Style through design. She was engaged in the design, is currently "zero" emotional life. September 24th is her 54 birthday, her birthday wish is to find a partner. Cheryl to support Rosamund Kwan, praising each other dress taste, stylish and unique. Cheryl style pajamas valued comfortable, not asked her opinion, but admit will be naked. Recently Hsu Chi [micro-blog] married, 38 year old Cheryl said no plans to get married, want to do it, if it feels to happen will happen, do not rule out the possible flash marriage. (Miao Fei)相关的主题文章: