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Honda Navigation DVD is famous for its simple, intuitive operation and extensive on-board database. When navigating freeways, a split screen design enhances on-screen information with a "map view" and "3-D" route visualization of freeways simultaneously- which helps make navigation information easier to understand. The system is integrated with the car’s audio system, so driving instructions can be heard over the speaker system, and the voice recognition feature adds a hands-free realm of control to the Honda navigation DVD player. The 7"Full Motorized HD Digital TFT-LCD Touch Screen enables you watch maps and movies clearly and brightly. The navigation system can be controlled by the driver through either the voice recognition system, the touch screen display, or by the joystick on the instrument panel. The voice recognition system works when the "talk" button, located on the steering wheel, is depressed. When spoken to, the system recognizes .mands such as "find nearest gas station," or "find nearest ATM" and can also recognize street names. For data storage, the system uses a single DVD that contains information for the entire United States. Future updates to the navigation system can be made by installing an updated DVD (available on-line or by calling a toll free number The 6.5-inch LCD display is a touch screen (TFT, resistive film) that allows the driver or front passenger to choose menu options or spell out a word (i.e. address, business name, place, etc.) through a touch-sensitive keypad. The keypad can be set to alphabetical or a QWERTY typewriter-style layout. Alternatively, the joystick can be used to highlight menu options or to highlight specific letters on the keypad to .plete a word. A matte finish is used on the display to reduce glare and smudging. When disc loading is selected for the CD player, the motorized screen conveniently tilts down to allow access to the CD loader located behind the screen. Another feature of the 7 Inch HD DVD Player Honda Civic is multi-functional audio video. It can support a range of audio and video discs, including CD, DVD, VCD and MP3. When playing digital audio, the screen shows a number of useful options of navigation folders. You can also check the full information for your favorite album, artist and track, etc. the stereo visual of the DVD is fabulous. You enjoy a five stars music or movie experience when you have a rest in car. In sum, the good of the honda navigation dvd player has .bines a user-friendly navigation car system, which offers you a real-time traffic capability and a wide range of audio media option. The drawback is that users have to switch constantly between navigation discs and media source. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: