Renovation process how to carry out the transformation of water –

The decoration water reform process how Sohu look at furniture appliances after most of the owners in the decoration decoration to choose the order is, water reform — ceramic tile, floor – mounted cabinet, toilet, shower room — buy furniture appliances. Many owners to move furniture appliances into the new premises after the discovery of water and electricity to change a lot of problems. For example, the current market sales table height in 60 centimeters, but most of the families in the water reform will link head socket are installed on less than 60 cm distance "position, such as lying in bed playing mobile phone, IPAD no power to charge, found very troublesome, so Xiaobian recommended bed the socket must be installed at a distance of 75 cm position. Xiaobian recommended a nip in the bud, in hydropower road reconstruction design, first determine the furniture, appliances category, type, size, location, location and direction in detail according to actual needs and their own household equipment type layout circuit, and each switch, water interface etc.. The decoration of the time required to control the quality of determined after entering hydropower road reconstruction and construction sectors, the best one had experienced people present. For the requirements of construction, to the ground as the standard, pay attention to "vertical and horizontal", "day does not go to go away, and the vertical horizontal sealing groove before drawing the circuit diagram and the completion of hydropower, marking a good size, of course there are conditions to have a live video, so the effect will be better. The other is to strictly control the quality of water and electricity to change the material. For example, with the right product to wire; wire tube, cassette must be flame retardant; strong and weak must separately. Connected with the electric wire is TV, air conditioning, water heater and other electrical equipment, and the weak convergence of cable TV, broadband field line and telephone line and other information equipment. In addition, the strength of the wire is not only not joint, but also to maintain at least 30 cM interval, so as to avoid electromagnetic interference. And the best line to face weak video core coarse screen line. In addition, the water pipe to choose the right track products. As far as possible the use of large sewage pipes, as far as possible to reduce the right angle. The gas pipe from the table to pick out the stove and water heater intervals as short as possible, preferably not more than 2 meters. The materials used for water reform, general electric wire using the Kunlun, Huiyuan, Oriental Yuhong pipe recommended Weixing, with waterproof material, switch socket for TCL and Simon. Beware of decoration in the process of increasing access to hydropower change links, in addition to the construction quality to strict customs, beware of decoration in the process of the increase is also very important. How to prevent additional problems? First of all, it is necessary to carefully study the design plan, to be calm to determine whether all of the design can be used in everyday life. For example, many designers will set aside a lot of sockets in the room, but in fact, can not be used in the life so much, too many sockets will not only affect the appearance of the room, but also virtually increase the cost of water and electricity to change. Secondly, the hydropower construction process, the main focus on monitoring the construction team of water pipelines can follow the shortest interval line. Owners can plan the design of the pre marked on the wall, and then do a pre.相关的主题文章: