Renovating Your Existing Miniature Garden-yvette yates

Landscaping-Gardening Just like creating a new miniature garden, renovating an existing one is fun. You can easily go into your own world of imagination and create a miniature garden that you will love to show off. Renovation not only improves the appearance, but also extends the life of your miniature garden. Unlike renovating a full-sized garden which involves back-breaking work, miniature garden renovation is easy and you can do it in few hours. Here are some tips to get you started. Gather the necessary materials for renovating It is better to plan, design and gather the materials and tools required for renovation before you start. Check for the things that you want to change in your miniature garden. For instance, a new mini bistro set, clay pots and decorative pebbles could make a lot of difference. Make sure you consider styling elements such as mini plants, miniature accessories, fairies and gnomes, and containers to create a space that is unique in its design and a pleasure to look at. Uproot dead plants and prune the leaves Check for the plants that are growing wild and the ones that need help. If you find any dead branches, leaves or flowers, remove them. Prune the leaves and branches to make way for the new growth and to keep the plants presentable. To prune the miniature plants, use pruning shears or a sharp pair of scissors. Churn the top layer of soil Make sure you churn up the top layer of soil before adding a new layer. By churning the top layer of the soil, the water will go where required. While churning the soil around the plants, be careful and gentle not to disturb the root system more than necessary. Replace the old accessories with new ones Replacing the old accessories with new ones is a quick way to give your miniature garden a new look. You can enhance your current theme or modify it into a new one. Many themes are possible for your miniature garden from camping, fishing, golfing, to secret hanging gardens. For example, if you want to create a theme, ‘At the Beach’, you will need accessories like seagulls, a pail of seashells, a small piece of driftwood, clear blue stones, flip flops, a beach towel, an Adirondack chair, miniature white pine and blue Fescue grass. Cover all the gaps When renovating a miniature garden, we sometimes tend to overlook minute details. Often the beauty of a mini garden is in the details. Plug the gaps in your miniature garden using accessories such as mini plants, small containers, an artificial moss pad, mini pea pebbles and small twigs and branches. These accessories will fill in the gaps and give the mini garden a more finished look. Renovating your miniature garden according to these tips can be a rewarding experience. Hope this article helps you in maintaining an enchanting miniature garden. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: