Reminder the Premier League Manchester United back 3 mkhitaryan injury state to pick up

Reminder: the Premier League Manchester United back 3 injury mkhitaryan Premier League football] state to pick up forecast: United vs West Ham start time: analysis of 2016-11-28 00:30 game ball: Manchester? 201617 Premier League season, the thirteenth round will be staged this weekend by the main focus of the war against West Ham United. The season before the 12 round recorded a record of 5 wins, 4 draws and 3 losses, in table sixth. ? invited marshal Mourinho coached Manchester United this summer, beginning of mediocre record, while sitting on the world’s first lineup worth, but the overall state in general, and the league the first group of widening the gap. ? this week in Manchester United at home court by 4-0 to win the Europa League group phase rivals Faye Nord, Rooney, Mata, Lin Jiade each into 1 balls, mkhitaryan was elected the best, the overall condition is good, as long as the final round undefeated to qualify for the playoffs. ? the last round of League Manchester United’s draw with Arsenal to 1-1 home court, home court encounters League 3 Lianping, ranking slipped to sixth place, there are already 9 points from the top of Chelsea, the Reds again attack against West Ham home court is not lost. ? from previous confrontation, Manchester United last 10 times in the Premier League and played against West Ham recorded 5 wins and 4 draws and 1 losses, including 5 home court 3 wins 2 flat unbeaten, visible red devils occupy a large home court advantage, the two teams met again, the Reds should be worth to see the high line. ? current lineup, Bailey, Smolin, Luke Shaw, Valencia and Fellaini are injured, the Red Devils defence there is a certain risk, but the last round of the suspended Ibrahimovic round is also a comeback, although Rooney played with the injury, but also have goals, one state well, the problem is not the attack it is expected that the small, big score to win. ? the game three days later, united in the semi-final against West Ham – again in the British cup, this schedule may affect the Paibingbuzhen manchester. With the character of Mourinho, the Premier League and a British cup, Manchester United to win the game. Herrera of the game may continue to organize the attack, Marshall Ford, rush to return to the starting, the team can maintain sufficient physical strength and vitality. The overall strength of the Premier League West Ham? West Ham belongs to the middle level, the end of last season to season seventh in the league this season, but the opening stage suffered large injuries, scores fell sharply, nearly 12 rounds recorded 3 wins 2 flat 7 negative, ranking fourth countdown. ? the last round of League West Ham away with 2-3 Tottenham was reversed, Antonio and LAN Qini had once helped the team 2-1 lead, but the hammers in the last 2 minutes even lost 2 ball, a heavy blow to the morale of the team. In fact, West Ham had made? The race at the end of October 3 in a row, a rebound trend, but in the 3 round against Everton team standings in the upstream, Storck city and Tottenham winless, hammers currently fighting to last season compared to the guests at Manchester United will be difficult as. ? lineup, West Ham in the past month to play after 3)相关的主题文章: