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Quzhou man bought a refrigerator price did not expect troubles ensued in Quzhou Jiangshan public master Liu, because buy "price" refrigerator repair fees who bear the problem of complaints to the Consumer Protection Commission, the legitimate rights and interests are protected. Live in Jiangshan City, Hu Shan Lu Master Liu, in May this year to deal with the price of 1600 yuan to buy a brand refrigerator, but in June 10th the failure, so he found the merchant, the merchant promised "three". The special brand refrigerator repair department in Quzhou, when the repair department learned to handle the sales price of Jiangshan merchants refrigerator, that consumers should bear part of the cost of repairs. The differences between the two sides, telephone communication more than 10 times, the problem has not been dealt with. After the complaints from Liu master, the Bureau of Shan Wei Insurance Committee of Jiangshan City immediately dispatched staff to investigate. Originally, the refrigerator factory in time for the 2011, because the inventory time is longer, so businesses at preferential prices to handle sales, but did not specify "product" in the sales voucher, also did not inform consumers chulipin. Jiangshan City Consumer Protection Committee staff, according to the relevant provisions of "consumer protection law", refers to the business processing price from the price reflects concessions, in the use of goods quality should not be discounted, so the operator should bear the "Three Guarantees" obligations. In September 9th, the special repair Department of Quzhou made a special trip to replace the refrigerator door component for master liu.

衢州男子买了台处理价冰箱 没想到烦心事接踵而至衢州江山市民刘师傅,因所购买的“处理价”冰箱修理费该由谁承担问题向消保委投诉,合法权益得到了维护。 家住江山市虎山路的刘师傅,今年5月以1600元的处理价购买了一台品牌电冰箱,但6月10日出现故障,于是他找到商家,商家答应“三包”。 该品牌冰箱的特约修理部设在衢州,当修理部得知江山商家以处理价格销售该冰箱后,认为消费者应承担部分修理费用。双方意见出现分歧,电话沟通了十多次,问题一直未能得到处理。 江山市消保委虎山分会接到刘师傅投诉后,立即派工作人员介入调查。 原来,该台冰箱出厂时间为2011年,由于库存时间较长,故商家以优惠价格处理销售,但没有在销售凭证上注明“处理品”,也未向消费者告知属于处理品。江山市消保委工作人员介绍,根据《消费者权益保护法》等有关条款规定,处理价商品是指商家从价格上体现优惠,在商品使用质量上不应打折扣,因此,经营者应承担“三包”义务。 9月9日,衢州特约修理部师傅专程上门为刘师傅更换了冰箱门部件。相关的主题文章: