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Qin Xiaoyi "big Changbian draft" President Chiang Chiang intended tampering diary [Abstract] such as Jiang accused the KMT veteran Hu Hanmin, scold is very hard, very toxic, showed that sharp opposition between Jiang and Hu, but the Qin Xiaoyi changed, as if between two people only little unpleasant. Tell you a real Jiang Jieshi, what kind of person is Jiang Jieshi? How we from the perspective of history to understand Jiang Jieshi this historical figure? What is the inner world of Jiang Jieshi, which was published in 1915 by the Stanford University’s Hoover Institute, which began in August 1972 and ended in the year? What are the characteristics of Jiang Jieshi’s reign? How many years later, review of the Sino Japanese’s strategy? Jiang Jieshi is aware of the serious problem of Kuomintang corruption and degeneration, but why not solve? The conflict between Jiang Jieshi and Stillwell what is right? Huang Renyu from the perspective of the history of the interpretation of Jiang Jieshi should be how to judge? Experts China modern history, China Academy of Social Sciences honorary academician Yang Tianshi has been engaged in the study of Jiang Jieshi and the history of the Republic of china. 2006, in 2007, he went to the Hoover Institute of Stanford University,, reading the new opening of the diary of the manuscript of the "Jiang Jieshi". His book "to find the real Jiang Jieshi", in the modern history of Jiang Jieshi and some of the major events related to the in-depth interpretation. Day Lei: why do you put the book named "Jiang Jieshi" for real? Jiang Jieshi in the history books is not true? Yang Tianshi: this book is entitled "looking for the real Jiang Jieshi," I have been through a long, repeated consideration. Chinese have a saying called the coffin, that is to say a person died, his coffin covered, you can give him a conclusion. Jiang Jieshi, who died in Taiwan in 1975, has been 33 years old. It should be said that Jiang Jieshi has not yet been set on that time. Take the Chinese Communist Party and Mao Zedong, in different periods of the evaluation of Chiang there is a big difference. In October 1938, Mao Zedong held in Yanan in, the Communist Party of China, called the "national commander", "supreme leader", is "the great leader", is "the great leader", "the great leader" in the Communist Party of China in the sixth Plenary Session of the 6th CPC Central Committee". Mao Zedong said, in the history of the Chinese Kuomintang, there are two great leaders, the first is Sun Zhongshan, the other is that of the second, and the other is that of the Chinese Communist Party in the history of the Chinese Communist Party (KMT), and the first one is that of the. But in 1945, Mao Zedong called Jiang Jieshi "," enemies of the people is the autocrat and traitor to the people "". In Taiwan, the KMT believes that Jiang Jieshi is the "eternal", but in the era of Chen Shuibian, Jiang Jieshi became the "culprit", the "culprit", "kill the devil". The disparity between the evaluation of itself is a very interesting question, from which to find a more scientific, more realistic evaluation, that is, to find the real Jiang Jieshi". Day Lei: you said that Jiang is Chinese modern history an important figure, a complex character, not only a large power is greater than the figures. Could you please explain in detail how we should understand Jiang Jieshi, and how to understand such an important historical figure? Yang Tianshi: we can analyze Jiang Jieshi on many levels. For his work, until now there is a big difference. We used to.相关的主题文章: