Problematic Tata Motors-小坂めぐる

Automobiles South Asias largest automobile company, TATA Motors was formally known as TELCO (Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company). The most important manufacturer of all passenger vehicles, this company has made its foot-hold stronger than ever by winning the title of Indias most valuable brand’ through an annual survey conducted by The Economic Times and Brand Finance in the year of 2010. But the company has been considered to be a cross-listed company in Bombay Stock Exchange and New York Stock Exchange for trading of stocks. Initially the company manufactured huge vehicles for loading purpose. With the increase in demand of commoners, the company decided to manufacture small cars for house hold purpose. But as the demands have increased considerably recently and with competitive pricing system, the grade of quality have decreased. Eventually, with passage of time, more and more complaints are being registered in the official sites. It has been noticed that the problems vary from manufacturing defects to servicing problems. When each of the complaints has been encountered several faces of the problems have erupted from a single complaint. Some the problematic traits are listed below: Through some of the well known complaint sites, complaint against Tata Motors is related to the booking and even fraud with the consumer. When Tata Nano was first launched, deposits were made to the company before hand so that the car could be delivered to the concerned customer. This deposit amount was fixed and was also refundable if the company failed to provide with the car. By complaints has been lodged that not only the money was ceased but also the consumer was harassed by registered dealer even when the person had received a positive reply from the company about the delivery of the car. Even police was involved but was in vain as no decision has been taken till date in the favour of the consumer. Other sites show that there was possible manufacturing defect detected at the very first week of purchase of a particular model of car. There was leakage in the oil tank which was taken care of. But within a few days other problems started. The spare parts for the right fit in the car were not delivered on time. Servicing charges were taken but no replacement was done. Even when the cars were taken to the service centre points they were not returned back as proposed. Even the problems were not totally eradicated before the cars were sent back. After using the car for a minimal distance travelling, the cars were found to have jerking and broke down on the middle of nowhere. Customers are left in utter disgust and morose for such problems. The deals made are not fulfilled up to the mark. The sites also revealed that customers are willing to take the help of court for their problems with the company. Even with such glory, Tata Motors has failed to meet the satisfactory expectation of the commoners. It is of utmost importance that the company upgrade their quality of service and give the desired performance. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: