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World is not what it was even three decades ago. With technologies advancing by leaps and bounds, everything has changed into something much more .plex and dynamic. With everything else the world of press releases have also changed a lot and both press release writing and press release services have now assumed a new shape altogether. Modern Press Release Writing e writing is Motivated by A More Intricate Media Motivation behind press release writing today is a much more intricate media. (a)Not only the .plexities and dynamism of media has increased considerably but their numbers have increased as well; and (b)There are numerous press release services today and you have to carefully choose one out of them. Understanding the Basic Features of Press Release Service and Press Release Writing Usually news release is one of the tasks that are full of hassles, especially for those who are new to this field. (c)Multiple criteria are there relating to press release writing; (d)These criteria need to be kept in mind and .plemented while writing press releases; (e)Format, headline, and contact information are most important part of the press release as is the first paragraph; and (f)Considering all the hassles and to save time many newswire agencies use press release services to take care of the task for them. Media Database in Newswire A New Feature Helping Out Press Release Writing Media newswire today needs a confirm database of contact information. This is required because people may like to submit the press releases to particular media professional. Usually such selection is motivated by the fact that media person concerned is expert in the field. However providing such database to the people helps the press release much easier and efficient in nature and allows greater opportunities for the press release to be.e successful. Use of Media Database by the Journalists for Different Purposes Media database is not only used by people outside but also by the media professionals. (a)Journalists use media platforms for gaining information and also finding interesting press releases; (b)It can also be used to get thorough know how of the PR sender; and (c)Usually the database contains the profiles of entire .pany and their professional customers. Use of Media Database and Press Release Services for Search Engine Optimization Since most of the business transactions and information sharing are carried out online these days, the newswire databases and press release services tend to make the contents they host search engine friendly. In result search engine spiders find out the contents in your press release writing easily and on turn the web surfers find your site and press release contents easily as well. 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