Postpartum depression how serious the novice mother with the baby boy jumped to commit suicide in Ju jiqingwuyuetian

Postpartum depression how serious the new mother with baby boy in June jumped to Dutch act – Sohu maternal according to Taiwan media reports, a new mother yesterday her six month old son, from the residence of the mansion of 35 storeys, and fell to the 32 floor balcony, although the hospital to rescue the baby, mother died, injured his dying. According to preliminary police investigation, the mother to take care of the child because of pressure, and the quarrel with her husband, due to postpartum depression and suicide. (save picture) according to reports, the mother from the mainland (thirty years old), married to Taiwan to work, surnamed Zhao a year before the end of March this year, the application to be produced in Taiwan, living in Taichung City, a thirty-five storey mansion two floor, the husband is still working on the mainland, only to leave. After she had her first baby, she took care of the baby boy alone. (the place) the mother’s sister said to the police, sister often say "children crying, take care of them a lot of pressure, the mood is not good, the sister and her husband quarrel after her husband left home to Taipei, she suspected sister due to postpartum depression and Mr. quarrel, spur of the moment to commit suicide. In this tragedy, the common cause of postpartum depression will eventually become a tragedy? In his wife’s depression, if the husband can be more understanding of his wife, more involved in the care of the child, whether it can avoid the final outcome? Postpartum couples crisis and how to resolve? Novice parents please be careful "postpartum crisis" husband and wife in the postpartum and the situation is very common, according to the Japanese Benesse next generation bred a survey research institute had found that 70% of pregnant women think their love, but the child was two years old, but only 34% of the lady love sir, the decline is quite obvious. The study pointed out that the emotional changes of a large part of the reason is the lack of consideration of the wife of Mr. parenting hard, and for a long time on housework and childcare work is not concerned and input, the wife heart grievances, causing tensions and deteriorating. Novice parents how to manage the relationship between husband and wife 1 let the other half to participate in work although traditionally parenting parenting home is women’s responsibility, but now most women have to juggle work, so let the other half in child care is very important. Couples need to reduce the amount of work and personal social entertainment, to fight for more and get along with their families, mutual support and assistance. When his wife was pregnant at the time, we must take her involvement in childcare preparations, such as go to the classroom together, buy baby mom. After the birth of a child, but also to guide the husband to take care of the baby, not because he does not do well on all their monopoly. 2 communication skill to novice parents because of physical and mental pressure may cause conflicts more often, in order not to make further deterioration in the relationship, don’t pay attention to communication in a fit of anger or ask what, then it should leave the scene to calm down, so calm after the communication; and often on the expression of partner concern, encouragement and understanding, because both parents to take more responsibility and role. 3 baby care should be pre arranged during pregnancy, the husband and wife the best first.相关的主题文章: