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Postpartum calcium harm pregnant mammy calcium has 3 strokes lactation mother postpartum calcium supplements to enhance physical fitness, improving lactation behavior is called postpartum calcium. Because of the dangers of calcium postpartum postpartum mothers especially lactation mother, every day about 1200 milligrams of calcium intake, which contains more than 300 mg of calcium per liter of milk secretion. (WeChat laocai Medical Guide: laocaidy) milk secretion is greater, the greater the amount of calcium needed. In addition, breast-feeding mothers in postpartum estrogen level is low, prolactin level is higher. Therefore, in the period before menstruation, the ability of the bone to renew calcium is poor, and the calcium in the milk tends to consume too much calcium. At this time, if you don’t add enough calcium will cause mother backache, leg cramps, loose teeth, osteoporosis this month of disease; infants can lead to rickets, adorable, effect of tooth physical growth and the development of the nervous system. Pregnant mother how calcium? 1, tonic is the most reliable and effective supplement a way for pregnant mother. From the fifth months of pregnancy, pregnant mother must drink milk, formula milk or yogurt 250 ml per day, while intake of calcium rich foods in the diet, such as cheese ball (6 balls), tofu (half block, 100 grams), egg (1-2), boiled shrimp (5 tablespoons), cook the sardines (10, medium size), small dried herring (2 tablespoons) and the amount of seaweed or sea cabbage, the calcium uptake capacity of at least 800 mg. 2, every day intends to arrange their own more sun, especially in winter and spring pregnant mommy. This will make the body sufficient intake of VD, let the baby’s bones and teeth grow stronger, eliminate factors of congenital rickets and dental caries. Keep in mind that this is something that must be done, and there is no substitute for other methods, if doing moderate exercise in the sun will be better. 3, the deficiency can be considered from the calcium supplement. Fourth months after pregnancy under the guidance of a doctor taking calcium every day, especially the deficiency symptoms of pregnant Mammy, until ninth months of pregnancy. The intestinal absorption rate is high, the calcium is convenient and cheap as well, such as Caltrate -D. Caltrate -D has two kinds of preparation, one is Caltrate -D600 tablets. Contains 600 milligrams of calcium and 125 international units of VD; the other is Caltrate -D300 chewable tablets containing 300 mg of calcium and 60 international units of VD. If the choice of Caltrate -D600 tablets, after dinner every day take 1 capsules; if the selection of Caltrate -D300 chewable tablets, daily breakfast and dinner respectively take 1 capsules.相关的主题文章: