Picking up a diamond ring on a woman’s road in Yiyang didn’t happen to be a pie or a trap-liuxiaobo

Yiyang a woman picking up ring unexpectedly is not pie is a trap original title: Yiyang, a woman walking on the road, suddenly fell out of the sky "pie"……. Ms. Xu was walking on the road to pick up a diamond ring worth one hundred thousand yuan, so she did not expect is that the sky drops not only. Not "pie", or a "trap". Recently, Taojiang County Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade and pine Tong police station joint detection of two cases of fraud, arrested 2 suspects, for the victims of the masses to recover the value of 5 yuan of cash and jewelry. Today, the case police will recover all 50 thousand yuan loss returned to the victim. In August 30th, Ms. Xu Changsha a walk in the street, walking in front of her man Zhang picked up a red packet, then, from behind the AI and want to go to see Ms. xu. Video screenshot opened the package to see, there is a big diamond ring, which is also accompanied by an invoice, showing diamond ring worth 99880 yuan. Zhang, who picked up the package, said she had an invitation to lure Ms. Xu into the trap. Zhang Xu lady will offer ten thousand yuan worth of jewelry and mobile phone to him as collateral, AI is home for money, not for a while, Zhang says he will have to leave a fake diamond ring to Ms. Xu left. Ms. Xu found out that it was wrong. Video screenshot, video screenshot, the police will flee to Yiyang on the day of the suspect Zhang, AI arrested. Prior to this, two people in Taojiang in the same way to defraud an elderly forty thousand yuan property. At present, the value of more than 50 thousand yuan of money, stolen goods have been returned to the victim’s hands. (source: Yiyang radio) Click to enter the 2016 Hunan education survey questionnaire, fill in the sweep as well as Iphone7, apple-watch and QQ doll, custom U disk and other hundreds of trench ceremony waiting for you! Don’t take them home soon? For him ~ ~ (big Xiangjun secretly tell you, the probability of winning the super high!)

益阳一女子路上捡到钻戒 没想到不是馅饼是陷阱原标题:益阳一女子在路上走,突然天上掉下个“馅饼”…….徐女士在路上走着走着就捡到了一枚价值十万元的钻戒,可让她没想到的是这天上掉下的啊不仅不是“馅饼”,还是个大“陷阱”。近日,桃江县公安局松木塘派出所和刑侦大队联合侦破两起诈骗案,抓获犯罪嫌疑人2名,为受害群众追回价值5万余元的首饰和现金。今日,办案民警将追回的全部5万多元损失退还给受害人。8月30号,徐女士在长沙一马路上行走时,走在她前面的男子张某捡到一个红色小包,此时,从后面跟上来的艾某提出想与徐女士一起去看看。视频截图打开包一看,里面有一只大钻戒,里面还附带了一张发票,显示钻戒价值为99880元。捡到包的张某称见者有份,诱使徐女士进入圈套。张某提议将徐女士身上价值一万多元的首饰与手机交给他作为抵押,艾某则回家取钱,不一会,张某就称自己有事需离开一下,便将假钻石戒指交给徐女士后离开。徐女士发现不对这才报了警。视频截图视频截图警方在当天将逃窜至益阳的犯罪嫌疑人张某、艾某抓获归案。在此之前,两人还在桃江以同样的方式诈骗了一位老人四万多元财物。目前,价值5万多元的赃款赃物已经全部退回到了受害者手上。(来源:益阳广电)点击进入2016湖南教育状况调查问卷,扫一扫填写还有Iphone7、apple-watch及腾讯QQ公仔、定制U盘等几百个壕礼等着你!还不快把它们带回家?求抱走~~(大湘君偷偷告诉你,中奖概率超高!)相关的主题文章: